Dress for cocktail

Creative cocktail is a huge universe that not only includes the drink itself, but also the “ritual” of having a cocktail. Like anywhere else, the outfit you choose to enjoy this moment is essential. We want you to get inspired and choose the right look, we have selected some basic garments and accessories that will make you dazzle. And no matter if you prefer mocktails, the 5 outfits that you’ll find here are also a great combination of the soft option.

  1. Dress
    This option is always a hit. You can opt for a more sophisticated evening dress or a daytime look by adding a special accessorise, and we leave it to your choice.
  2. Clutch
    Here, we opted for the versatile clutch without hesitation. You’ll find a multitude of styles: with stones, smooth, silk, with accessories like feathers or tassels, classic closing, baguette style (Shibuya), metallized, with daring prints, silver or gold leather Just choose the one that matches your outfit!
  3. Shoes
    To combine a look, we prefer medium heel shoes rather than high heel or flat ones. Choose comfortable footwear, which stylize your figure and get enhance the rest of the set. A discreet shoe always grant more attention to dress so if this is your goal, go for dark and smooth tones.
  4. Jewelry
    Less is more. Although oversize accessories are trendy today, we believe that when having a cocktail, the jewels should be discreet but at the same time special. Go for delicate earrings or a jewel necklace to complete the outfit. If you go for a more baroque necklace, earrings should be a simple add.
  5. Make up
    At night we can afford occasional license regarding the makeup. Dare with an eye shadow darker than you usually wear. The smokey eyes are a good option if your eyes doesn’t look smaller and if properly blurred. You can also upload a couple of shades the color of your lips. Red and garnet are always a hit. Avoid combining very marked eyes with striking tone lips. Again, in makeup, just as in jewelry, less is more.

After this fashion selection perhaps you are thinking in the perfect plan for weekend. We invite you to pair our cocktails with some tapas. The result will be unforgettable.

Celebrate your private event at a cocktail bar

Do you need to organize a private event in a special place? Do you have a group and do not know where to go dinner or have a drink? Bonavida Bar is our best solution.

Centrally located in Carrer Casp and just a minute from Passeig de Gràcia and Plaça Catalunya, our bar is the perfect place to hold any kind of private events: birthdays, anniversaries, group dinners, corporate events, networking, associative meetings or celebrations of any kind that may arise.
For example, specific events like Singles Barcelona or business networking occurs frequently in Bonavida, because the atmosphere is perfect for this type of social and professional meetings.

To make the event a success, we offer you a nice private room decorated with elegant motives in the purest cocktail style: with velvet or leather armchairs, gilded lamps, soft lighting and an extensive bar to prepare and serve all kinds cocktail.

Apart from the space, Bonavida Bar provides you a great offer of combined or other drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) by Simone Guido, our reputed bartender.

To complement this incredible shaker proposal, find a great gastronomic selection of tapas and other dishes of great quality that we can customize or adapt, to pair perfectly with the cocktails and exquisite style of the room.

If you are interested in organizing a private event or celebration in Bonavida, you must get in touch with us by filling out this short form.


cocktail helado

When cocktail met ice cream: icy cocktail

Our wordplay will remind you to the oldieWhen Harry met Sally”, and it is no coincidence. The same climax that seemed to feel Meg Ryan in the film you can experience it with this delight of mixology: Cocktails with ice cream.

Mixing distillates with ice cream  has the great success of providing creaminess, color, taste, texture and freshness to the team. Lemon, chocolate, vanilla or caramel ice cream are the perfect partner in crime for Bailey’s, champagne, rum and cognac, among others.

Trendy? Modern mixology was born thanks to the Prohibition of the 30s in the USA, and the bartenders ingenuity of the time in speakeasies, creating cocktails to hide the poor quality of clandestine distillates. The same goes for cocktails with ice cream: Jerome Adams, a young bartender from Bayview Yacht Club, in 1968 mixed rum, Kalhúa and vanilla ice cream in an attempt to get noticed and value for customers who had inherited from his predecessor (Curtis Hicks ). Hummer was born, and in a few years, bartenders from all over the states and later internationally, called him to ask for the recipe. This cocktail will soon have 50 years of history, Adams says it was the ideologist of the first cocktail with ice cream.

In any case, although the first icecream maker was invented in the United States (1846, Nancy Johnson), it was not until the 50s that the incipient ice cream industry revolutionized manufacturing processes to keep increasing demand. Thanks to this industrial development, our friend Adams had the brilliant idea of replacing frappes or sorbets (which were used in the cocktail from the 20s), for ice cream. Bang!

Hummer, Grasshopper, Peppermint or Banana Rum, among others, are inheritors of that first step. Simone Guido, our bartender, is preparing the new cocktail and a creamy confection may appear. Meanwhile, Come to BonaVida and discover these classic cocktails with ice cream, accompanied by our desserts. Do you dare to cross to sweet side of life?

cocktails años 20

Time Machine: welcome to the 20’s

The 20’s were years of light and shadow: Europe was immersed on echoes of destruction with its indebted powerful countries and Germany depressed after the destructive First World War. However, on the other side of the Atlantic ocean instead there was the brighter side: the shinning United States.

Let’s back and remember some of that unforgettable events from that shaken decade. Those years were for example the blooming of Charleston and Jazz music among wealthy people, blues within the black America and rivers of alcohol and the lack of control in many areas: the crazy hectic 20’s.
Since the World War, the United States were strengthened, not only owed to the whole Europe, but as those countries were dismantled, the States became the main supplier for all of them in so many sectors.

Americans invested in energy, resources and brightest minds to develop technical innovation, which at the same time decreased costs and increased production. The unemployment rate was the lowest in modern history of this nation: skyscrapers were built, the industry adopted the “assembly line” invented by Ford and consumerism was born thanks to the possibility to buy phones, cars and appliances by paying with credits and mortgages.

cocktails años 20

Everyone was going to Broadway or Sunset Boulevard to enjoy the cheerful music and libertine shows, life was a party and Hollywood movies began to take off with Fritz Lang (Metropolis), Charlie Chaplin (The Gold Rush), Lon Chaney and even Mickey Mouse! Also television appeared while the Latin lover Rodolfo Valentino died.

Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald gave a turn to literature, delving into the spirit of modern man, with a certain existential ennui, making robot portraits of a society that flocked to the speakeasies to live the enjoyment of cocktails and music. Although this scenario does not appear to reflect, American Prohibition (the famous Dry Law) was in full force forbiding alcoholic drinks everywhere and the mafia was the owner of the streets in most cities like New York, Chicago or San Francisco.

To that decade, we owe the invention of most of the cocktails that are now known classics such as: Tom Collins, Bloody Mary, Daiquiri, Negroni, Mint Julep, Whisky Sour, White Lady and the Sidecar. In Bonavida we pay tribute to that decade full of contradictions, with a menu based on these classic Prohibition by inviting you to discover these wonders of modern cocktails, prepared by our World Class bartender Simone Guido.

Join us to this particular time machine! Click on play, and begin to travel.


Mocktails: the alcohol free cocktails

Low­-alcohol or non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as being trend, are a tasty option for those who cannot tolerate or do not like liquor and spirits: discover why the “mocktails” are having more fans every day amongst the good mixology lovers.

Mocktail is the fusion of two English words, “mock” and “cocktail” and although there is no correlation to this term in our dictionary, could be translated as “simulation cocktail”. In other words, it is a non-alcoholic cocktail that does not resign the stunning presentation of his alcoholic relatives, nor its taste.

This trend started strong in 2014 and is still widely accepted because the cocktails without alcohol are the perfect alternative for those who do not want to consume alcoholic beverages, just because they must drive, due to pregnancy or breast feeding, or because they are abstinent for religious reasons, for medical or athletic performance, etc.


The main protagonists of these original non-alcoholic cocktails are fruit juices, tonic, cokes and refreshments. You can also find fresh fruit and other dairy ingredients merging well in texture, flavor and color in its composition. We can find from original creations, born to be a mocktail, to versions without alcohol of classic cocktails, in which alcohol is replaced by lemonade, soda, tonic or any drink that suits the combined spirit flavor.

Our bartender, Simone Guido has created for our delicious menu four amazing mocktails to surprise the most demanding palates. Is your body craving the always tasty mojito? No problem, Simone prepares the best one with ginger ale, mint, lime and sugar.
Fan of Summer Dream but not vodka? You will be amazed by his non-alcoholic version with fresh basil, raspberry, lemon juice, pineapple and ginger. If rum is not your thing, but you love Bananarama, you have to try this delicious mocktail with pineapple juice, strawberry pulp, coconut and banana. And finally, a delicious up to the well­-known San Francisco, the Lady Sour, a delicacy pineapple juice, mint, lime and ginger ale classic.

If you accompany these delicacies with good tapas and good company… the plan is unbeatable, isn’t it? Live it in BONAVIDA and indulge yourself!

Steak Tartar

Steak Tartar: a faraway origin

Those who love meat, good meat, know that it tastes its best with a good recipe of “steak tartare”: raw meat full of nuances of flavor, unctuous, juicy and delicious. A delicacy of our cuisine that cannot be easier to prepare.

The steak tartar has two origins: the less glamorous place it in the Tartar warriors in XVII century. They used to spice one side of the meat and placed it under the saddle in order to remove blood from the flesh. Two hours later, they would repeat the operation by cleaning the meat and using salt on the other side. This rudimentary process does not make it particularly appetizing, but history has also speculated that the origin is set in French Polynesia, already in XVII century, where its inhabitants had a deeply rooted custom of eating raw meat and seafood like the tartar.

This tasty food is already one of the traditional dishes of our culture, and curiously, as mentioned in the “Book of Travel” by Marco Polo, poor people in Caragian were eating raw meat snacks, and nobles chopped and seasoned, but still raw.

Undoubtedly the recipe that Jules Verne wrote in his “Miguel Strogonoff” (1875), is the one that has popularized the steak tartar in the West. Its recognition reached the point that the mythical Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, has spent decades keeping this dish in his menu as an standard of its cuisine.

It can’t be easier and more delicious: chopped sirloin (knife cut), pickles, capers, lemon juice, parsley, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and raw egg. If we ask you what to eat in summer, it’s very clear: a succulent steak tartare, and we assure you that we prepare in Bonavida, will leave your carnivorous palate speechless. This star of our menu will eclipse any other you have tasted before…

Escuelas de coctelería:

Bartending schools: training future bartenders

Bartending is a passion that makes us wanting to know and experience more and more: learning how to be a good bartender, learning to make supreme cocktails (and then experiment and create your own), understanding how cocktails complement and enhance the flavors of food …

We define cocktail mixing as the study of the relationship between drinks, fruits, flowers, herbs and generally any food ingredient that can be transformed into liquid. Such mixtures are made with different methods of preparation.

If you have a curious personality then you’ll be captivated by the cocktail: flavors, colors, smells, textures and infinite combinations ahead. A bartender can resemble an alchemist, who mixes and tests as many times as necessary to pour into the glass the imagined combined. Perfect in every sense, accurate and delicious. Not surprisingly the Benedictine liqueur was invented in the sixteenth century by Benedictine monks to calm the excesses of a meal, a liquor that is still distributed under secret recipe, and which incorporates 27 plants and species . Pure alchemy!

There are numerous Cocktail workshops in Barcelona available in various bartending schools, from those who introduce you to the art of preparing combined for personal enjoyment, to those that turn your passion into a profession: the current trend is becoming a bartender. We suggest three schools to grow your enthusiasm for this centennial discipline: two in Barcelona, Radical Bartending School (close to BonaVida) and Drinksmotion, and international School Diageo Bar Academy. In them you will find all kinds of courses: basic, refresher, intense Be creative and dive into the amazing world of cocktails.

In any case, if you are an amateur or a professional bartender we wait for you in BonaVida to share this love for the combined drinks and cocktails: After having nice tapas we’ll make a toast with our World Class bartender Simone Guido, another lover of his profession that doesn’t understand life without cocktails.

Coctelería molecular

Molecular Mixology

It is well known the amazing molecular gastronomy of Ferran Adrià and his innovative elBulli, where spanish omelette decomposed masterfully with new formulas and chemicalsThis trend has now reached some cocktail bars where bartenders have begun a bold renewal of classic cocktails with amazing new recipes. It is the molecular cocktails, the new trend for lovers of combined drinks, that has arrived to stay.

There are many techniques, simpler or more complex, but certainly the liquid nitrogen and other mechanisms (so far only used for other culinary purposes) are now used in many recipes of cocktails, seeking the purpose of new experiences and textures involving all five senses.

It’s common to find cocktail bars using devices such as syringes, siphons, bottles or Rotaval (a kind of steam distiller) to create cocktails with new forms and structures (nitromojito, for example). It is also common as the use of ingredients such as alginates, xanthan” gum or lecithin for the creation of unique drinks.

Creativity that offers the use of these new techniques is amazing: with liquid nitrogen for example, due to its low temperature (-196 ° C) and freezing power we get more silky textures, cooler temperatures, unusual shapes (spherifications) or dazzling colors . Certainly endless options that will blow you away.

Another innovation of the molecular cocktail is the ease to change the structure of the molecules of the components. Nitrogen is used for “frozen cocktails”, there are other products that transform liquid into gel, emulsions, solids or smoke. This allows for example to insert combined drinks in small test tubes and display cocktails in containers, shaping them with customized colors, something unusual till the date and that certainly opens the door to imagination and the discovery of new sensory experiences.

Definitely creative mixology is booming and more bartenders will turn your bar in a real laboratory to delight everyone with their new creations worthy of the best alchemist. We’ll pay attention to the news and in the meantime we’ll keep delighting us every day with the best classics offered by our best barman in Bonavida Bar. ¡We look forward to see you!

¿Do you want to enjoy an amazing cocktail? Simone Guido, our World Class bartender has very exclusive own creations, see you at BonaVida!

origen de la tónica

Do you know the origin of tonic?

August in Barcelona can be very hard, the heat is stifling and it feels overriding to have soft drinks. Tonic is one of the most cooling drinks as well as being one of the main ingredients of the most delicious cocktails and mixed drinks.

Tonic is a carbonated soft drink flavored with quinine, an alkaloid extracted from the cinchona plant. The name, “tonic”, was taken by medical properties discovered in the drink: digestive and nervous tonic effects, antipyretic, analgesic and… ¡antimalaria! Let’s discover the origin of tonic.

Indeed, the drink created with extracts of cinchona was a source of medical wisdom of the indigenous people of Peru, and there is historical evidence that in 1638, the Viceroy of Peru, was cured of malaria with an infusion of this bark. On his return to Spain, he brought many cinchona bark and introduced it in court. Spain then began a slow but solid cinchona monopoly production, already in Europe were beginning to use it as the main ingredient for the official remedy for malaria.

In the nineteenth century, England and Netherlands chartered expeditions to collect seeds in Latin America and introduced the cinchona in their colonies, thus skipping the Spanish monopoly. After numerous failed attempts, they managed to implant it in Netherlands Java, thanks to Charles Ledger seeds.

Tonic, as we know, was born when the traditional formula of carbonated water and quinine were added citric acid and sugar, mitigating the potent bitter taste of quinine. The technological advances of the emerging chemical industry of the late nineteenth century to the twentieth century made it possible, and the proportion of quinine is currently very low, as it was discovered that doses of the traditional formulation, had adverse effects.

There are plenty of delicious cocktails that require the presence of tonic. Sure come quickly to mind GinTonic but there are many more: Mojito, Tequila Tonic, the Love Flour, Blood Momo … Simone Guido, our World Class bartender has exclusive own creations with tonic that will shake your palate , we await you in BonaVida!

la pedrera

Live your midsummer night’s dream in La Pedrera

The most magical nights of Barcelona are here: a unique experience to enjoy La Pedrera at night, with live jazz music and one of the most spectacular views of the city. Come and enjoy it!

Summer nights includes a free visit to Espai Gaudí, a visual journey through the work of this singular architect, followed by a drink in the rooftop, a landmark that invites us to live as ever, architecture, night, city and music.

In this issue we present a series of proposals with the most representative jazz made in Barcelona combined with international figures to offer a superb soundtrack to enjoy the summer alive nights. You can check the complete August schedule, and do not forget to buy your tickets.


While preparing his second album after the success of his first self-titled album, released with Whatabout Music, Arid gives us the opportunity to enjoy his collab with American singer Kathryn Christie, resident in New York. She has been finalist of the most prestigious vocal jazz contest, Sarah Vaughan 2014, and was honored by both Downbeat magazine in the category of solo singer in 2011 and 2012 as the best vocal jazz group in 2012. A unique and unrepeatable proposal.


Three Americans, two of Kansas (Logan and Tom) and one of New York (Rob) meet in La Pedrera to offer a warm and energetic Jazz nights , with original compositions and standards. A unique opportunity to listen to this trio of musicians recognized internationally. An unforgettable experience on the terrace to delight us with their music.


Threejay is the name of the jazz trio formed by Joan Solana (piano), Josep Colls (bass guitar) and Joan Carles Marí (drums) in late 2011. Soon, the band started composing their own songs and adapted jazz standards as they liked it. The young band noted for its freshness, energy, dynamism and interaction, and is therefore a proposal whose most characteristic elements are, among others, compositions with particular colors and evocative landscapes that reminds us a soundtrack. In addition, for these two concerts in La Pedrera, also they will have a special guest: the great trumpeter David Pastor.


Guillem Arnedo Band & Celeste Alías is a union of musicians who love jazz vocal tradition of great singers like Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Nat King Cole. They interpret standard mythic themes of composers like Porter, Carmichael or Hammertsein, among others. The energy of the band revolves around the text and melody, masterfully played by renowned singer Celeste Alías, leaving right spaces for improvisation, always understood as the organic part of it.

Did you like our proposal? Well, do not hesitate to enjoy the best tapas and cocktails in the area. Our bartender awaits you with delicious proposals and pairings. See you at Caspe 22?