beneficios de la quinoa

Have you ever tried quinoa? Read the benefits

Did you know that quinoa is considered one of the best and most complete foods that exist nowadays? In other words, a superfood. Today we will tell you about the benefits of quinoa.

Quinoa is a seed, did you know? But it has so many benefits that no one remembers that is a seed and many think it is a cereal because it can be eaten like one. This wonderful seed, which some call pseudocereal also provides most of their calories from complex carbohydrates, which are the best for our body, but also provides about 16 grams of protein per 100 grams (that’s great for low in animal protein) great for vegetarian or vegan diets. And if that wasn’t enough, has low fat content, only 6 grams of 100. Not only that, quinoa has a huge presence of omega 6 and omega 3.

All these benefits of quinoa have made it increasingly popular and has become the star of the diets of athletes, celebrities and people taking care of their diet, whether for aesthetic or healthy reasons. Quinoa is non-GMO, Gluten Free and usually grown organically. And if all this were not enough, you can prepare it in a thousand ways: in salads, boiled, shaping burguers ..

For all these benefits it is normal that we call it a superfood. It keeps winning more followers every day. But, did you know that has always been a staple in Latin America? Quinoa was an important crop for the Inca Empire back in the day. They referred to it as the “mother of all grains” and believed it to be sacred. We’re sure you‘re gonna love this food and be aware that in BonaVida we prepare it, as you read! Do you get on the new healthy trend?

Did you found the quinoa interesting? Then come to try our organic quinoa salad with pesto sauce, purple onion, coriander sprouts, mushrooms and flower of thought, are you hungry? ¡check out our menu!

Where to stay in Barcelona? Jewels of Eixample

¿Are you visiting Barcelona? Well, today you are lucky cause we’ll answer where to stay in Barcelona. In BonaVida we want to offer the best places to stay in downtown. For being full of live during day and night, and containing most of the jewels of Art Nouveau we want to talk about Eixample dret:

While it is true that Barcelona is known by many for the districts of El Born or Gothic. Did you know that l’Eixample is home to the best art nouveau buildings of the city? Mostly concentrated in Passeig de Gràcia, as we explain it in this article.

If you stay in this neighborhood you will be in a more than privileged situation. In addition, you can walk to all the monuments and the center and why not, to the beach! We are of the opinion that the cities need to be walked to live them and that’s easy in Barcelona because you can go towards the sea, makes downhill!

Get out your apartment or hotel and see the most beautiful buildings in the city a few meters, is priceless. You can not fail to visit the entire Passeig de Gràcia (it will not take more than half an hour) or admire the great houses of Catalan art Nouveau: La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, Casa Lleó Morera and Casa Ametller, among other buildings. Also Sagrada Familia is part of this area. From Passeig de Gràcia and Avinguda Diagonal, you have about 15 minutes walk to the cathedral, Gaudí’s architectural gem alive. By the way, we recommend a stop to see the Casa de les Punxes, a medieval castle in the middle of the city.

You are convinced, right? Let us help you plan your stay, we offer some of the accommodations that you can not miss in the area. Where to stay in Barcelona?

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Once you are settled, ¡come to BonaVida! And relax while you enjoy one of our cocktails, while sharing our tasty tapas. Do you have a better plan?


Do you join a creative cocktail?

Do you sign up to enjoy creative cocktails? Do you want to learn the trendy ones? Surprise, creativity and flavors discovered, you just need to be a curious person and know what 2015 is taking. Do we accompany you?

One of the most interesting trends is to reinterpret the cookbooks of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century to a more current style (some call it “vintage cocktail“). Many are surprised that a classic such as whiskey is a success in New York, London and (of course) Barcelona because it is so versatile that can be versioned with rum, like the Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Besides liking the elegant and refined drinks, if you have a foodie palate, you can not miss the trend to pair cocktails with tapas. The wealth of nuances of combined cocktails makes it the ideal snack to accompany any candidate, whether sweet or savory. For example, very protein and fat meals will go great with dry or acidic cocktails, because it will balance and help us clean the mouth. The same applies to the sweet: truffles accompanying an acid cocktail will lower the acidity of the drink. In any case, it is always advisable to combine cocktails with blunt and slow digestion.

Talking about the return of old recipes, we can not overlook another trend that celebrates such an historic event: the Alcohol Prohibition Law of the 30s, in the United States. Probably on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of this act, they are proliferating in the menus of the bartenders the best national and international classics, like the Aviation, Negroni or Martínez.

In BonaVida we are aware of all these trends, and Simone Guido, has interpreted and personalized our cocktail and tapas list to snack and share. Ready for your taste buds explode with pleasure? Come and find out.

The secrets of a bartender

A bartender or barman is an artist in the preparation of drinks and cocktails, a specialist who knows perfectly his work tools: alcohols, carbonated drinks and juices. Definitely that’s the person you need to trust when you want to try a new cocktail.

“Bartender” comes from the English word, and means “who dispatches behind a bar,” and contrary to a waiter, does not serve tables. A bartender exercises his reign behind a bar, surrounded by his weapons of pleasure, multiple liquors of different graduation, origins and flavors, along with syrups, juices and carbonated drinks. The original meaning has been derived today to a highly qualified professional profile. So now, bartending has become a profession by choice rather than necessity. A bartender has a creative character because it can create and recreate cocktails in an agile and fast way, but is also someone who likes to be in touch with people. Someone polite and refined.

In their mind they have stored dozens of cocktail recipes, from classic (mojito, cosmopolitan, daikiri, piña colada, gin tonic, bloody mary) to those who have established in response to trends and their own creative research, like the case of hot cocktails. And to execute them quickly and accurately, they have their own tools as meters, mixers, sticks to remove (unmixed) and others that make the art of making cocktails a precise science.

A bartender is a show on its own, when preparing and mixing. Not necessarily as Tom Cruise in the film Cocktail (1988), because that kind of acrobatics with bottles have names: Flair Bartending. So watching them working is itself part of the experience. They run recipes in seconds, they personalize and decorate your glass almost like a dance a delicious dance.

In BonaVida we have one of the best bartenders in barcelona, Simone Guido. After studying a Master in International Cocktailing, he managed to rise in 2009 with the title of Champion of Spain by Heering Accessorize (reaching the final of Singapore), and in 2012, with the World Class in Spain.

Do you want to see our team of bartenders, led by Simone in action? Come to BonaVida and test their talent helping them discover what cocktail will soon become your favorite. Always with a smile, of course.

wifi gratis

Connect to BonaVida, enjoy wifi

We know that nowadays, bars with free wifi, it is almost a requirement. The wifi is already a complement to mobile and computer, three inseparable words for us, the ones that work wherever we go.

Surely you won’t be surprised to know that 7.4% of jobs in Spain are based on a system of teleworking, or mobile work. Even those who work in an office, need to be permanently connected to handle calls or answer emails, even if it’s lunch time or coffee break and breakfast. If you take into account this fact, certainly that percentage would be much higher, right?

We need to be connected for work, but also for leisure or personal use. We all receive dozens of wattsapp everyday and get connected constantly to our profiles on social networks sites to see what our friends, family and those people we follow do or pretend to. Whether by gossip, by interest or research, we rarely detach ourselves from our mobile.

It’s precisely this tool, hated and loved in equal measure, that connects you with the world around you. In BonaVida we like unexpected stories, a bar is a place for meeting, come near and stay relaxed tasting a good cocktail and snacking delicious tapas. In either case, we want everything that happens in our bar to stay behind closed doors. Therefore, we are a friendly wifi bar, we have free Wi-Fi so you can communicate with whoever you want, work with your computer/phone or share your experiences in BonaVida  in your networks. Whatever you like.

So if you’re working at home and need to change your views (and enjoy a nice cocktail and some snacks, that we know you deserve), and if you need to take a break or meet with a group of friends BonaVida welcomes you with open hands and connection. We are waiting for you!


How to prepare a great Margarita

Margarita Cocktail, is one of the classic cocktails that you’ll never miss in any menu. This delicious combination of tequila, Cointreau and lemon juice, if you don’t know (and according to many), it has two very romantic origins. Do you join us? 

Once upon a time in October 1938, in Rosarito (Mexico), the bartender who worked at the Bar Rancho La Gloria (Danny Herrera), fell in love with the American actress Marjorie King in one of her visits. She only tolerated the tequila, but paradoxically, hated the taste, so the laborious experienced bartender tried to give a mixture in which the taste of tequila faded, but had the main character role: Margarita.

Some other tell that Margarita was originally from bar Hussong’s in Ensenada (Mexico). Another bartender in love, Don Carlos Orozco, created a cocktail in 1941 to conquer German ambassador‘s daughter, Margarita Henkel. His recipe for unleashing the passion was mixing in equal parts tequila, Damiana and lime, served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass.

Some others associate it with another Mexican bartender in love with Rita Hayworth, who, before being one of the goddesses of the American celluloid, was a Mexican girl named Margarita Carmen Cansino.

Whatever the case, the Margarita is already one of the cocktails header of any menus. Its recipe is simple, because the measures are two parts of tequila for one of Cointreau, lemon juice, fresh ice and salt to the edge of the cup. Stirs the spirits and juice in a shaker, and thoroughly prepare the presentation, because it’s the impact of a good Margarita. Permeates the rim of the glass with the lemon juice, and pass it through fine salt to be impregnated.

¡Voilà! And if you are someone who prefers to drink instead of preparing it, in BonaVida Our bartender Simone Guido will prepare the best Margarita you’ve ever tasted. No exaggeration.

BonaVida cocktails

BonaVida starts with our cocktails

The world of cocktails is exciting, full of combinations, tastes, smells and colors. They are inventing cocktails to suit all tastes: dry, fruity, sweet and sour, spicy and even sweet . And in BONAVIDA we love the cocktail, you just have to tell us what you want and we ‘ll propose you a cocktail that is going to rock you.

Gin Tonic is, nowadays, one of the stars of any cocktail menu. It is a classic that has been reinvented: did you know that Gin has over 400 years? Franz de la Boé, invented it. He investigated in 1625 at the University of Leiden a product that would improve renal function. Ethanol, with juniper berries macerated in his spirit, and Gin Tonic was the result! In less than 40 years gin ousted wine and beer as the most consumed alcoholic beverage in England! The English take Gin Tonic before lunch or dinner to promote digestion, although the custom in other countries is to taste it after eating. Whether before or after a few dishes, we are all clear that the best Gin Tonic is prepared with love and enjoyed in good company: you have in our menu an extended list of cocktails made with gin. Options from classic, to the most risky ones.

In front of all our creations, there is Simone Guido: he is the soul of all the delights that are developing behind the bar. He has true love for cocktailing, and its relentless pursuit to experiment and innovate has been reaping successes as the title of Champion of Spain in the Heering Accessorize contest and finalist in world of Singapore (2009) and winner of the World Class in Spain in 2012 (in the world final in London, noted among the finalists).

Whether you are someone who think a classic cocktail is fine, or if you are someone who wants to try something new every day Simone Guido is your man! Relax yourself, sit, sip and prepare for what is BONAVIDA. Welcome!

ruta barcelona modernista

Barcelona Art Nouveau Route

If you are visiting Barcelona for the first time, this is the article you were expecting. In BONAVIDA we offer cocktails and good food but also culture. That’s why we offer this interesting Barcelona Art Nouveau Route.

The route that we propose you begins with a visit to Casa Comalat Valeri i Pupurull distinguished by the uniqueness of having two facades. The main, features a dozen stone curved balconies, decorated with a wrought iron, while the rear facade is more radical and is painted in colors reminiscent of a harlequin. Almost on the opposite side of Diagonal Avenue we find the gloomy palace Baró de Quadras, by Puig i Cadafalch, which houses the exhibition space of Casa Àsia and Casa Terrades (Diagonal, 416-420) known as famous Casa de les Punxes. I’ts known for its towers and gables finished in tip. Notice that entries and individual steps were built for each one of the three daughters of the family .

If we turn on Girona street and we go down Mallorca street to number 302, there is Casa Dolors Xiro, a fantasy by Barenys i Gambús. Next to it there are two masterpieces by Domènech i Montaner, Casa Josep Tomas and Palau Ramon de Montaner.

If we go back a few steps and go down Roger de Llúria street we will find Villanueva House by Fossas and Martinez, with sharp roof, and in front of it, Casa Jaume Forn, by Granell i Manresa, characterized by its windows. We descend a few meters to see the grocery store Queviures Murrià, decorated by Ramon Casas. In our right, we can see the windows and floral decoration of Argelaguet Pharmacy, one of many Art Nouveau city pharmacies. And if we go back a few meters to the corner and turn right onto Valencia street. After three blocks, we are surprised by the House Manuel Llopis i Bofill, by Gallissà i Soque.

If we move forward, down, we turn on Gran Via and found Vilardell pharmacy, another extravagant Art Nouveau pharmacy, and in number 658 of the same street, the elegant Casa Ramon Oller, by Salvat i Espasa. From here, we turn left, go down Pau Claris street and turn to rotate in Casp street, we finally find the best destination, BONAVIDA. Are you hungry? Maybe it’s a good time to make a little stop along the way and enjoy one of our dishes, or, why not, one of our cocktails.

Did you get inspired by our route? This is a bit example of thousands of Art Nouveau  homes, pharmacies, palaces and etc. that exist in Barcelona. We planned this informal route to walk around the city. If you liked it, no worries, we will publish some more every week.

Get surprised by tapas and coctkails in Casp Street

BonaVida beats in the heart of Eixample. In the middle of Casp street, our cocktail bar wants to be an oasis to enjoy good food and tapas to dip with amazing cocktails, at any time. We like to be with you from early morning: have a good breakfast surrounded by the calm of our place or immerse yourself in the bustle of the street until late evening. Meet here with friends and enjoy a deserved afterwork or just snack some tapas accompanied with cocktails from our bartender, Simone Guido.

We love good food and good drinks, and the responsible of such passion is our bartender, Simone Guido: he is the soul of all creations that are developing behind the bar. He’s been in the cocktail world for several years now, and its relentless pursuit to experiment and innovate has been reaping successes as the title of Champion of Spain in the Heering Accessorize contest, he has been finalist in world of Singapore (2009) and winner of the World Class in Spain in 2012 (finalist in the world final in London).

Our gastronomic offer consists of dishes and tapas to share, with a focus on the product and its quality but also its healthy component: quinoa salads, tartars, kinks, focaccias, cakes and handcrafted quality pastries. Besides taking seriously our passion for cocktails in kitchen, we are always looking for new ideas to create recipes with organic and healthy options.

BonaVida is made to chat with friends, to enjoy, drink and laugh. To share experiences in a cozy and elegant space with comfortable sofas where you can easily relax. Surrounded by music that transforms your experience in BonaVida throughout the day.

¿Would you like to taste our cocktails enjoying new flavours? We want to meet you! Tapas and Cocktails in Casp Street.