cocktails años 20

Time Machine: welcome to the 20’s

The 20’s were years of light and shadow: Europe was immersed on echoes of destruction with its indebted powerful countries and Germany depressed after the destructive First World War. However, on the other side of the Atlantic ocean instead there was the brighter side: the shinning United States.

Let’s back and remember some of that unforgettable events from that shaken decade. Those years were for example the blooming of Charleston and Jazz music among wealthy people, blues within the black America and rivers of alcohol and the lack of control in many areas: the crazy hectic 20’s.
Since the World War, the United States were strengthened, not only owed to the whole Europe, but as those countries were dismantled, the States became the main supplier for all of them in so many sectors.

Americans invested in energy, resources and brightest minds to develop technical innovation, which at the same time decreased costs and increased production. The unemployment rate was the lowest in modern history of this nation: skyscrapers were built, the industry adopted the “assembly line” invented by Ford and consumerism was born thanks to the possibility to buy phones, cars and appliances by paying with credits and mortgages.

cocktails años 20

Everyone was going to Broadway or Sunset Boulevard to enjoy the cheerful music and libertine shows, life was a party and Hollywood movies began to take off with Fritz Lang (Metropolis), Charlie Chaplin (The Gold Rush), Lon Chaney and even Mickey Mouse! Also television appeared while the Latin lover Rodolfo Valentino died.

Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald gave a turn to literature, delving into the spirit of modern man, with a certain existential ennui, making robot portraits of a society that flocked to the speakeasies to live the enjoyment of cocktails and music. Although this scenario does not appear to reflect, American Prohibition (the famous Dry Law) was in full force forbiding alcoholic drinks everywhere and the mafia was the owner of the streets in most cities like New York, Chicago or San Francisco.

To that decade, we owe the invention of most of the cocktails that are now known classics such as: Tom Collins, Bloody Mary, Daiquiri, Negroni, Mint Julep, Whisky Sour, White Lady and the Sidecar. In Bonavida we pay tribute to that decade full of contradictions, with a menu based on these classic Prohibition by inviting you to discover these wonders of modern cocktails, prepared by our World Class bartender Simone Guido.

Join us to this particular time machine! Click on play, and begin to travel.

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