5 Instagram bartenders accounts that you should follow

And you know it! The hashtag #drinkporn and #bartender are gaining followers all the time on social networks. For its glamour, its filters and lack of intrusiveness, Instagram is one of the social networks we like to follow and where we find more cocktails activity. So, if you already have Instagram and you like the world of cocktails we present you the top 5 accounts IG that you must follow. Are you in? Let’s mix it up!


Natalie Migliarini has a very special touch to talk about cocktails and her favorite combinations. Her blog, or rather, website, has a thousand ideas of recipes in which she rescues the most appealing and promising pictures to your Instagram account. A bartender with over 22.9k followers and rising. The latest craze in cocktails from Seattle with love!


From Chicago and newly created, so, do not look at the followers, because we assure you that this account will suffer an important BOOOM quickly, here it comes Radsips. Do you want creative cocktails? This is the account to go! Good photos, packaging and 100% American flavor.


Our favorite bartender from Baltimore. Bartender and enthusiastic blogger who creates cocktails with love and good taste. In her Instagram you will see real beauties born to combine with knowledge and care; alcohol, water, sugar and others. Discover the art of cocktail in pictures!


Elana de Stirandstrain has a IG to eat. Her Instagram comes from her blog that has the same name and we totally recommend visiting it as it was nominated for Best Blog in 2014. You will see her creations and also her invented cocktails!


MixologyArt is a creative company that offers a unique experience in the beverage industry. Do you want to know more? With more than 26.2k fans, this young company celebrates the world of cocktails, unveils new bartenders, bars and creations worldwide. An Instagram care and good taste for photos, endorse them.

¿What do you think about it? Yes, we also have Instagram, ¿Do you still don’t follow us? Pay attention to our creations in the social network of the pictures and if you want to touch and try, see BonaVida!

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