All about Negroni

From Florence of the 20’s we have inherited this classic cocktail which, despite having almost 100 years, is younger and up-to-now than ever. Simple but complex in flavors, is a cocktail that excites whom appreciates, the person who inspired the Negroni knew a lot of audacity: Count Negroni.

Florence, Italy, the 20’s. The focal meeting point of the European aristocracy and the nouveau riche Americans. Where would anyone drop who wanted to be seen? In Café Casoni, with his bartender Fosco Scarselli in the front. Count Negroni was a man of habit: American, Vermouth and Campari equally. However, one day he decided to vary and allowed Scarselli to advice him: so they both really invented Negroni, consisting of American, Dry Gin and Campari, always equally. Its creators, satisfied with the result, agreed to call it Negroni, after one of the most loyal customers at Café Casoni. And from there to eternity.

And how do I serve it? in an Old Fashion glass, low and wide. The importance of the equal parts is so extreme, that if it’s not accurate, can ruin the Negroni: too much gin, and the flavor will be too strong and fortified; too vermouth, and will be too sweet. A slice of lemon will give the final touch. Ready to close my eyes, taste one of the cocktails with more personality, and enjoy.

If you want to try a good Negroni, let the expert hands of our bartender Simone Guido prepare it, his recipe never fails: Dry Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. It is one of their favorites, too. Come for a tapa in BONAVIDA, we’ll advise you what is the perfect one for pairing with Negroni. ¿Sounds like a plan?

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