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Bonavida shakes the shaker in a popup dinner

On October 15th, our bartender Simone Guido from Bonavida was the guest of honor at a special dinner organized by the guys from Barcelona Foodie Guide: “Speakeasy”, a clandestine dinner. For the fourth edition of these sporadic celebrations it was chosen the theme of Clandestinity in the USA during the golden age of 20’s , […]

5 Instagram bartenders accounts that you should follow

And you know it! The hashtag #drinkporn and #bartender are gaining followers all the time on social networks. For its glamour, its filters and lack of intrusiveness, Instagram is one of the social networks we like to follow and where we find more cocktails activity. So, if you already have Instagram and you like the […]

All about Negroni

From Florence of the 20’s we have inherited this classic cocktail which, despite having almost 100 years, is younger and up-to-now than ever. Simple but complex in flavors, is a cocktail that excites whom appreciates, the person who inspired the Negroni knew a lot of audacity: Count Negroni. Florence, Italy, the 20’s. The focal meeting […]

The best apps of cocktails

If your friends are becoming chefs and have already reached a level that you won’t get it’s time for you to try another discipline. What if you put the glasses on? Today we offer the best apps of cocktails. Be the bartender at your dinners and why not, stop at BONAVIDA! Ready? The best apps […]

Passeig de Gràcia: Avenue of Glamour

If we had to choose the avenue or street with more elegance and glamour of Barcelona, there is no doubt; it would be “Passeig de Gràcia” (Paseo de Gracia). It is no coincidence that this road, that links the historic center with Gracia Neighborhood, is one of the most famous streets in Barcelona: historic modernist […]

The best gins for your Gin & Tonic

One of the most widespread cocktail in the world, in bars or at home, is certainly the gin and tonic. The boom that has experienced this combination in the past decade has been steadfast and has resulted in a wider knowledge of the beverages: gin and tonic. A new generation of drinkers is being surrendered […]

What did people eat in the 1920’s?

The roaring twenties, a sort of dancing North America, the rhythm of champagne glasses hitting, trumpets spreading jazz notes, heels and pearls. Life quickly passed as the flutter of curly lashes with black mascara, and the time needed to take advantage until the last second. Champagne was absolute protagonist, although in the parties there were […]

Prohibition: the era of less alcohol and more creativity

Sometimes the ingenuity and creativity of human beings are superbly exacerbated  in the most complex or adverse moments. Something like that is what happened in the famous alcohol prohibition that lived US  in the early 20’s  known as Prohibition. Bottles and dispensers in bars were empty due to the impossibility of refill bourbon or gin legally. In […]

The cocktails of celebrities

Singers, actors, actresses or showmen are natural ambassadors of many brands of liquor and spirits. And inseparably, these brands have entered many houses (and palates that inhabit them) from the hand of celebrities who lend their image to the cause. Let’s check them out! Dita Von Teese, the undisputed queen of burlesque, doesn’t hesitate to […]

Perfect Dry Martini

If cocktails had the ability to transform into people, Dry Martini undoubtedly would be Bond, James Bond. The classic cocktail that we all relate to this seductive secret agent contains gin instead of vodka, as he ordered. An elegant, exclusive and suitable cocktail only for exquisite connoisseurs. How should I drink it? Of course, shaken, […]