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Barcelona Art Nouveau Route

If you are visiting Barcelona for the first time, this is the article you were expecting. In BONAVIDA we offer cocktails and good food but also culture. That’s why we offer this interesting Barcelona Art Nouveau Route.

The route that we propose you begins with a visit to Casa Comalat Valeri i Pupurull distinguished by the uniqueness of having two facades. The main, features a dozen stone curved balconies, decorated with a wrought iron, while the rear facade is more radical and is painted in colors reminiscent of a harlequin. Almost on the opposite side of Diagonal Avenue we find the gloomy palace Baró de Quadras, by Puig i Cadafalch, which houses the exhibition space of Casa Àsia and Casa Terrades (Diagonal, 416-420) known as famous Casa de les Punxes. I’ts known for its towers and gables finished in tip. Notice that entries and individual steps were built for each one of the three daughters of the family .

If we turn on Girona street and we go down Mallorca street to number 302, there is Casa Dolors Xiro, a fantasy by Barenys i Gambús. Next to it there are two masterpieces by Domènech i Montaner, Casa Josep Tomas and Palau Ramon de Montaner.

If we go back a few steps and go down Roger de Llúria street we will find Villanueva House by Fossas and Martinez, with sharp roof, and in front of it, Casa Jaume Forn, by Granell i Manresa, characterized by its windows. We descend a few meters to see the grocery store Queviures Murrià, decorated by Ramon Casas. In our right, we can see the windows and floral decoration of Argelaguet Pharmacy, one of many Art Nouveau city pharmacies. And if we go back a few meters to the corner and turn right onto Valencia street. After three blocks, we are surprised by the House Manuel Llopis i Bofill, by Gallissà i Soque.

If we move forward, down, we turn on Gran Via and found Vilardell pharmacy, another extravagant Art Nouveau pharmacy, and in number 658 of the same street, the elegant Casa Ramon Oller, by Salvat i Espasa. From here, we turn left, go down Pau Claris street and turn to rotate in Casp street, we finally find the best destination, BONAVIDA. Are you hungry? Maybe it’s a good time to make a little stop along the way and enjoy one of our dishes, or, why not, one of our cocktails.

Did you get inspired by our route? This is a bit example of thousands of Art Nouveau  homes, pharmacies, palaces and etc. that exist in Barcelona. We planned this informal route to walk around the city. If you liked it, no worries, we will publish some more every week.

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