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Bonavida shakes the shaker in a popup dinner

On October 15th, our bartender Simone Guido from Bonavida was the guest of honor at a special dinner organized by the guys from Barcelona Foodie Guide: “Speakeasy”, a clandestine dinner.

For the fourth edition of these sporadic celebrations it was chosen the theme of Clandestinity in the USA during the golden age of 20’s , where underground alcohol prevailed, also the appearance of classic cocktails, music and prohibited bars.

Both the location, as the banquet menu or drinks were kept secret until a few hours before the start of the event, when the 40 invited guests were finally able to deduct more of what was to come. The chosen place was The Philippines Club, a unique location in the Plaça Reial to recall perfectly that illegal clubs of Prohibition.

The head of the menu was Eric Basset from Foodingood, a chef trained among Michelin-starred hotplates who gave attendees surprising dishes that evoked the best of that golden age. In the menu there were shinny dishes like turkey mini Bagel chutney, the Lobster Roll, the Devil Eggs or Surf & Turf.

The clandestine meeting raised by the architects of the Barcelona Foodie Guide had to mix with cocktails as did the clubs of that era. For that task, noone better than Simone, who offered an original Ginraw based welcome cocktail with Martini, cucumber and elderberry that all attendees enjoyed.

No doubt it was a wonderful collaboration in a very special evening where we share great moments and a gastronomic debauchery with time tunnel included. We want to repeat!

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