Passeig de Gràcia: Avenue of Glamour

If we had to choose the avenue or street with more elegance and glamour of Barcelona, there is no doubt; it would bePasseig de Gràcia” (Paseo de Gracia).

It is no coincidence that this road, that links the historic center with Gracia Neighborhood, is one of the most famous streets in Barcelona: historic modernist buildings are located here, it has a shopping area with the best international brands in the world of fashion and jewelry, it houses large luxury hotels, it offers classy restaurants and its genuine lampposts or street furniture are a must for any visitor with a camera.

On one hand, Modernist Barcelona has in this street one of its most important epicenters: architects Gaudí or Puig i Cadafalch left their print there with La Pedrera (Casa Milà) and Casa Batlló or Casa Amatller respectively, examples of the golden age the city lived in the past century and today are UNESCO World Heritage and a must stop for all tourists visiting Barcelona. In which other city, are there so many buildings with such beauty concentrated in so few square meters?

passeig de gracia

Passeig de Gracia is also the boulevard of high fashion trends or fashion in general. Major world-class brands have flagship stores here Armani, Versace, Dior, Chanel, COS, Carolina Herrera, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Loewe or national Furest, Sita Murt. Not only the best pret-à-porter is present, there is space for the best jewelers: Rabat, Suarez, Bagues, Tous or Cartier. What other city in the world offers you going shopping with such a beautiful and majestic scenery?

Definetely Passeig de Gracia is a luxury avenue from north to south and from left to right. So much shopping and turism along the boulevard sure it’ll bring appetite or thirst, and the best way to end up the day is in Bar Bonavida always accompanied by great cocktails and good food. We are in Casp Street, 22, only 30 seconds from the avenue. We will wait for you!

Live your midsummer night’s dream in La Pedrera

The most magical nights of Barcelona are here: a unique experience to enjoy La Pedrera at night, with live jazz music and one of the most spectacular views of the city. Come and enjoy it!

Summer nights includes a free visit to Espai Gaudí, a visual journey through the work of this singular architect, followed by a drink in the rooftop, a landmark that invites us to live as ever, architecture, night, city and music.

In this issue we present a series of proposals with the most representative jazz made in Barcelona combined with international figures to offer a superb soundtrack to enjoy the summer alive nights. You can check the complete August schedule, and do not forget to buy your tickets.


While preparing his second album after the success of his first self-titled album, released with Whatabout Music, Arid gives us the opportunity to enjoy his collab with American singer Kathryn Christie, resident in New York. She has been finalist of the most prestigious vocal jazz contest, Sarah Vaughan 2014, and was honored by both Downbeat magazine in the category of solo singer in 2011 and 2012 as the best vocal jazz group in 2012. A unique and unrepeatable proposal.


Three Americans, two of Kansas (Logan and Tom) and one of New York (Rob) meet in La Pedrera to offer a warm and energetic Jazz nights , with original compositions and standards. A unique opportunity to listen to this trio of musicians recognized internationally. An unforgettable experience on the terrace to delight us with their music.


Threejay is the name of the jazz trio formed by Joan Solana (piano), Josep Colls (bass guitar) and Joan Carles Marí (drums) in late 2011. Soon, the band started composing their own songs and adapted jazz standards as they liked it. The young band noted for its freshness, energy, dynamism and interaction, and is therefore a proposal whose most characteristic elements are, among others, compositions with particular colors and evocative landscapes that reminds us a soundtrack. In addition, for these two concerts in La Pedrera, also they will have a special guest: the great trumpeter David Pastor.


Guillem Arnedo Band & Celeste Alías is a union of musicians who love jazz vocal tradition of great singers like Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Nat King Cole. They interpret standard mythic themes of composers like Porter, Carmichael or Hammertsein, among others. The energy of the band revolves around the text and melody, masterfully played by renowned singer Celeste Alías, leaving right spaces for improvisation, always understood as the organic part of it.

Did you like our proposal? Well, do not hesitate to enjoy the best tapas and cocktails in the area. Our bartender awaits you with delicious proposals and pairings. See you at Caspe 22?

Things to do in August in Barcelona

Spending the month of August in Barcelona may sound boring and not exciting at all, but it is precisely the opposite, partly due to the large number of activities organized in cinemas, theaters, museums and festivals.

Besides enjoying BonaVida Bar every day of August in our regular schedule, we recommend you an interesting selection of activities that are happening near our home. From gigs, films, tours or events, you can get advantage of these festive days in our city.

Festival Gàndules
If you love movies, you can not lose the opportunity provided by the CCCB to watch independent movies outdoors and for free! in its central courtyard. A really good selection in a perfect environment. Film series also takes place outdoors on the beach of Barceloneta.

The legendary Russian Ballet comes to Barcelona with an unmissable show and representing two of the great classics of all time: Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty. Precisely this show is represented in Teatre Tivoli, 30 seconds from our bar.

Ópera / Flamenco
Also within walking distance of Bonavida Bar there isPalau de la Música, one of the cultural epicenters of Barcelona. Throughout the month, the program continues and you can see from opera (Carmen de Bizet for example) or flamenco shows.

The offer is very extensive, but certainly there is two impressive exhibitions:Universo Marca Barcelona (in Sala Ciutat) and “Nutrición, impulso vital” (ein Museu Blau).

Circuit Festival
From 5th to August 16th the world’s biggest international gay and lesbian festival takes place. During all those days, different sports and cultural activities and festivals are organized in different parts of the city.

Festa major de Gracia
No muy lejos de Bonavida tendrá lugar del 15 al 21 de agosto la tradicional fiesta mayor del barrio de Gracia. Sin duda una de las fiestas veraniegas más bonitas y esperadas del año, donde 18 de sus calles y plazas se engalanan con decoraciones temáticas de lo más originales.

Musical nights Terrat del Drac

If you’ve never visited Casa Batllo, this may be the perfect opportunity. Every day at 21, you can attend a concert in his beautiful terrace and adding a guided tour to learn the rest of the building if you prefer. Who wants to stay at home is because he wants to. There’s plenty of interesting things to do in our city this month. So we hope sooner or later you come by and have some food and drinks in Bonavida Bar.

Teatre Tívoli, a classic from Barcelona

Teatro Tívoli, as you may know, is a theater of Barcelona dedicated to theater plays and cinema. Did you know that among these walls took place the best operas and operettas? Becoming also the protagonist of a bunch of premieres of the most important works worldwide. Today we pay special tribute to this theater and that’s why we want to explain a little about his history, architecture and all the shows hosted here. Are we going to Tivoli? Turn off your phone and let’s the show begin!

Did you know that this is the theater and backstage in Almodovar‘s film “All About My Mother”? Tivoli theater has a rich history and great art running through its structure. Somehow its inception began in 1849, when the Tivoli Gardens were at the same place as the current theater, next to Paseo de Gracia. At that time the area was still undeveloped and outside the city wall. Already in the gardens-even without theater- it took place concerts and dancing balls. Since 1869 there was evidence of a kind of ‘summer theater’ outdoors where zarzuelas, operas and musicals were represented. Over time, concerts and performing activities became important and so in 1880 a theater with walls and ceiling was built, what we know as Tivoli.

The building that we know is not 1880, but 1919, when the theater underwent a radical reform to make it bigger. The current Tivoli is one of the largest theaters in our city, with a capacity to accommodate 1643 people, including the audience, the club and the amphitheater, as well as the side boxes. One of the things that stand out in this beautiful and classic theater is its decor and typical modernist style of early last century, where we find moldings and nature motifs abound in gold and red seats and curtains. Because of its large capacity and the spirit of the time, it was transformed into a cinema, but in the mid-twentieth century it was recovered as a theater, alternating performances with film sessions.

Did you know that great artists have passed through its stage ? And not just the world of theater and dance, but also the world of music today, including: Carmen Amaya, Peret, Los Vivancos, Alicia Alonso, Joaquin Cortes, Josep Maria Flotats, etc. and he has been chosen theater for the premiere of some of the entertainment company La Cubana: Blinded by Love (1994) and A nit d’Opera (2001).

To finish, you should know that at the time of his inauguration, was one of the largest theaters in the city. Since its reform in 1919, it became the theater with more capacity in the city, after the Gran Teatre del Liceu.

You know a little bit more about its history, but we invite you to go deeper and why not joining the theatre? Let’s check the summer Tívoli schedule :

What else you would like to know? its schedule? Tivoli is open from 17h and until half an hour after the last performance begin. The bar open one hour before the performance.

This summer Tívoli! And if you like, before or after the theater, come to discover our tapas and cocktails in the best atmosphere of Barcelona.

Summer agenda at Palau de la Música

BonaVida Bar has around famous theaters, concert halls and cultural centers of prestige not to be missed. One of the most important and historical is certainly Palau de la Música Catalana.

This magnificent modernist palace was built between 1905 and 1908 by the architect Domènech i Montaner as a request of Orfeó Català to house its headquarters there. Such is its architectural and aesthetic heritage that is considered as the only modernist concert hall declared World Heritage by UNESCO since 1997.

Since its construction, the building is an essential enclave of Catalan cultural and social life, thanks to its history and especially the comprehensive and continuous program of events, concerts and various musical areas that developed in it.

As one would expect, ahead of the summer season, cultural agenda that poses the Palau de la Música is the most extensive and diverse. We leave you with a brief summary of the most important and essential recitals.

La Venecia de Vivaldi
performed by the prestigious girls choir of the Orfeó, can be seen on Thursday, July 23 at 21h in the big room. It is included in the cycle of “Summer in the Palau”.

Bachelona: Festival Bach de Barcelona
Within the tribute concerts to the classical composer Bach, on Thursday July 23 will take place this function in the Petit Palau at 20h.

Tribute to 80’s
Curious lyrical concert to honor the classical and pop of the decade of the 80’s music. Will take place on various dates both July and August.


Carmen de Bizet
In Palau you will never miss a classic. For 3 Performances (20, July 29 and August 18), you can see this acclaimed opera with more than 100 actors and 2 hour show.

Sergey Belyavskiy
The next day, August 10 we can enjoy the performance of this prestigious award-winning Russian pianist.

Gran Gala Flamenco
Complete performance of multiple interpreters of the best current flamenco scene will gather on July 16 in the large hall of Palau.

Before or after coming to Bonavida Bar to have something to drink or eat, you will notice that concerts, opera or musical performances offered by the Palau de la Música Catalana are the most tempting, and just a few meters from our bar!

The most beautiful Barcelona

In our blog we always seek the best spots in town. Today we propose some of the most beautiful places in Barcelona. Hidden corners, patios, terraces, streets, facades and more. Can you come ride with us? Discover the most beautiful Barcelona.

1. Aiguafreda Street:

Get lost in Horta and more specifically in Aiguafreda Street, near Llobregós Street. This is one of the village streets that are still preserved in the city of Barcelona, making you feel you’re not in the city. In Horta existed the Industry of washing clothes for people who could afford to pay for this service and ​​could not do it at home for lack of space and water. It is documented that from the early seventeenth to the twentieth century much of the gentry clothes were washed in Horta. They collected laundry on Mondays and returned it clean on Saturdays. Horta road in Barcelona was the journey that made washerwomen to Barcelona entering through Portal Nou. There is still a way below the gardens of the houses on the street of Aiguafreda that they called the path of Barcelona and was where people and carriages entered to the city. Below that it also passed the “torrent of Carabassa”. Did you know? Thanks to the conservation in Barcelona we still have these beautiful places.

Calle aiguafreda

2. Tamarita Park:

From Horta to Sant Gervasi, we get into Tamarita gardens, and although it is a park, we can call them gardens because of its lush vegetation. The park is located in the headquarters of the Blanquerna Foundation. The grounds have two completely different areas, all surrounded by lush vegetation that makes you forget you are in a city. An ideal space to go with kids, there are children’s swings and cycling routes. An ideal place to relax and take a break on the road instead. Here are some pictures of Tamarita Park!

3. Bernardí Mercader Passage:

Do you want to know what is hidden behind that forged door down Hospital Street? The entrance is narrow and dark, but don’t be fool. The gentlemen sitting in front of the fourth door, formica chairs and a transistor, the poster of Gujar Gondal & Brothers Bakery, which seems out of Atlanta 1867, and the sailor restaurant menu that The Cafetí have hung under the arch Sant Rafael output, octopus decorated with chalk and a crab with measles. A worthy place to be discovered walking around Barcelona.

4. Sant Gaietà Square:

One of the secrets of Sarria is this Andalusian patio of white walls and geraniums that if you have not yet discovered, you should go today. Just behind the market at the end of an alley that does not seem to lead anywhere, you will find this small square, a sort of Lorca patio with potted geraniums and honeysuckle. Like you’re in Andalusia. It is the cover photo of this article, here you have more pictures.

5. Sant Pau del Camp:

A Romanesque building behind the gym of Can Ricart, did you know?

They say the son of Guifré el Pilós built it at the beginning of the tenth century, outside the walls, in the countryside. It’s almost a miracle that he survived the progressive expansion of the city. Despite being suffocated by the density population of Chinatown and transformations of recent years they have become an embedded watchtower between the Avinguda Paral·lel and south of Raval ¿Do you know which building is?

And if you’re starving of walking too much, why don’t you come and discover Food and Drink Menu? Nice Tapas and Cocktails.

Where to stay in Barcelona? Jewels of Eixample

¿Are you visiting Barcelona? Well, today you are lucky cause we’ll answer where to stay in Barcelona. In BonaVida we want to offer the best places to stay in downtown. For being full of live during day and night, and containing most of the jewels of Art Nouveau we want to talk about Eixample dret:

While it is true that Barcelona is known by many for the districts of El Born or Gothic. Did you know that l’Eixample is home to the best art nouveau buildings of the city? Mostly concentrated in Passeig de Gràcia, as we explain it in this article.

If you stay in this neighborhood you will be in a more than privileged situation. In addition, you can walk to all the monuments and the center and why not, to the beach! We are of the opinion that the cities need to be walked to live them and that’s easy in Barcelona because you can go towards the sea, makes downhill!

Get out your apartment or hotel and see the most beautiful buildings in the city a few meters, is priceless. You can not fail to visit the entire Passeig de Gràcia (it will not take more than half an hour) or admire the great houses of Catalan art Nouveau: La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, Casa Lleó Morera and Casa Ametller, among other buildings. Also Sagrada Familia is part of this area. From Passeig de Gràcia and Avinguda Diagonal, you have about 15 minutes walk to the cathedral, Gaudí’s architectural gem alive. By the way, we recommend a stop to see the Casa de les Punxes, a medieval castle in the middle of the city.

You are convinced, right? Let us help you plan your stay, we offer some of the accommodations that you can not miss in the area. Where to stay in Barcelona?

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    Check the amount of apartments, studios and rooms that are rented daily in Airbnb, plus you’ll have Info About la Dreta de l’Eixample in Airbnb selecting directly the zone and price.

Once you are settled, ¡come to BonaVida! And relax while you enjoy one of our cocktails, while sharing our tasty tapas. Do you have a better plan?


Barcelona Art Nouveau Route

If you are visiting Barcelona for the first time, this is the article you were expecting. In BONAVIDA we offer cocktails and good food but also culture. That’s why we offer this interesting Barcelona Art Nouveau Route.

The route that we propose you begins with a visit to Casa Comalat Valeri i Pupurull distinguished by the uniqueness of having two facades. The main, features a dozen stone curved balconies, decorated with a wrought iron, while the rear facade is more radical and is painted in colors reminiscent of a harlequin. Almost on the opposite side of Diagonal Avenue we find the gloomy palace Baró de Quadras, by Puig i Cadafalch, which houses the exhibition space of Casa Àsia and Casa Terrades (Diagonal, 416-420) known as famous Casa de les Punxes. I’ts known for its towers and gables finished in tip. Notice that entries and individual steps were built for each one of the three daughters of the family .

If we turn on Girona street and we go down Mallorca street to number 302, there is Casa Dolors Xiro, a fantasy by Barenys i Gambús. Next to it there are two masterpieces by Domènech i Montaner, Casa Josep Tomas and Palau Ramon de Montaner.

If we go back a few steps and go down Roger de Llúria street we will find Villanueva House by Fossas and Martinez, with sharp roof, and in front of it, Casa Jaume Forn, by Granell i Manresa, characterized by its windows. We descend a few meters to see the grocery store Queviures Murrià, decorated by Ramon Casas. In our right, we can see the windows and floral decoration of Argelaguet Pharmacy, one of many Art Nouveau city pharmacies. And if we go back a few meters to the corner and turn right onto Valencia street. After three blocks, we are surprised by the House Manuel Llopis i Bofill, by Gallissà i Soque.

If we move forward, down, we turn on Gran Via and found Vilardell pharmacy, another extravagant Art Nouveau pharmacy, and in number 658 of the same street, the elegant Casa Ramon Oller, by Salvat i Espasa. From here, we turn left, go down Pau Claris street and turn to rotate in Casp street, we finally find the best destination, BONAVIDA. Are you hungry? Maybe it’s a good time to make a little stop along the way and enjoy one of our dishes, or, why not, one of our cocktails.

Did you get inspired by our route? This is a bit example of thousands of Art Nouveau  homes, pharmacies, palaces and etc. that exist in Barcelona. We planned this informal route to walk around the city. If you liked it, no worries, we will publish some more every week.