Bonavida shakes the shaker in a popup dinner

On October 15th, our bartender Simone Guido from Bonavida was the guest of honor at a special dinner organized by the guys from Barcelona Foodie Guide: “Speakeasy”, a clandestine dinner.

For the fourth edition of these sporadic celebrations it was chosen the theme of Clandestinity in the USA during the golden age of 20’s , where underground alcohol prevailed, also the appearance of classic cocktails, music and prohibited bars.

Both the location, as the banquet menu or drinks were kept secret until a few hours before the start of the event, when the 40 invited guests were finally able to deduct more of what was to come. The chosen place was The Philippines Club, a unique location in the Plaça Reial to recall perfectly that illegal clubs of Prohibition.

The head of the menu was Eric Basset from Foodingood, a chef trained among Michelin-starred hotplates who gave attendees surprising dishes that evoked the best of that golden age. In the menu there were shinny dishes like turkey mini Bagel chutney, the Lobster Roll, the Devil Eggs or Surf & Turf.

The clandestine meeting raised by the architects of the Barcelona Foodie Guide had to mix with cocktails as did the clubs of that era. For that task, noone better than Simone, who offered an original Ginraw based welcome cocktail with Martini, cucumber and elderberry that all attendees enjoyed.

No doubt it was a wonderful collaboration in a very special evening where we share great moments and a gastronomic debauchery with time tunnel included. We want to repeat!

Celebrate your private event at a cocktail bar

Do you need to organize a private event in a special place? Do you have a group and do not know where to go dinner or have a drink? Bonavida Bar is our best solution.

Centrally located in Carrer Casp and just a minute from Passeig de Gràcia and Plaça Catalunya, our bar is the perfect place to hold any kind of private events: birthdays, anniversaries, group dinners, corporate events, networking, associative meetings or celebrations of any kind that may arise.
For example, specific events like Singles Barcelona or business networking occurs frequently in Bonavida, because the atmosphere is perfect for this type of social and professional meetings.

To make the event a success, we offer you a nice private room decorated with elegant motives in the purest cocktail style: with velvet or leather armchairs, gilded lamps, soft lighting and an extensive bar to prepare and serve all kinds cocktail.

Apart from the space, Bonavida Bar provides you a great offer of combined or other drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) by Simone Guido, our reputed bartender.

To complement this incredible shaker proposal, find a great gastronomic selection of tapas and other dishes of great quality that we can customize or adapt, to pair perfectly with the cocktails and exquisite style of the room.

If you are interested in organizing a private event or celebration in Bonavida, you must get in touch with us by filling out this short form.


Time Machine: welcome to the 20’s

The 20’s were years of light and shadow: Europe was immersed on echoes of destruction with its indebted powerful countries and Germany depressed after the destructive First World War. However, on the other side of the Atlantic ocean instead there was the brighter side: the shinning United States.

Let’s back and remember some of that unforgettable events from that shaken decade. Those years were for example the blooming of Charleston and Jazz music among wealthy people, blues within the black America and rivers of alcohol and the lack of control in many areas: the crazy hectic 20’s.
Since the World War, the United States were strengthened, not only owed to the whole Europe, but as those countries were dismantled, the States became the main supplier for all of them in so many sectors.

Americans invested in energy, resources and brightest minds to develop technical innovation, which at the same time decreased costs and increased production. The unemployment rate was the lowest in modern history of this nation: skyscrapers were built, the industry adopted the “assembly line” invented by Ford and consumerism was born thanks to the possibility to buy phones, cars and appliances by paying with credits and mortgages.

cocktails años 20

Everyone was going to Broadway or Sunset Boulevard to enjoy the cheerful music and libertine shows, life was a party and Hollywood movies began to take off with Fritz Lang (Metropolis), Charlie Chaplin (The Gold Rush), Lon Chaney and even Mickey Mouse! Also television appeared while the Latin lover Rodolfo Valentino died.

Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald gave a turn to literature, delving into the spirit of modern man, with a certain existential ennui, making robot portraits of a society that flocked to the speakeasies to live the enjoyment of cocktails and music. Although this scenario does not appear to reflect, American Prohibition (the famous Dry Law) was in full force forbiding alcoholic drinks everywhere and the mafia was the owner of the streets in most cities like New York, Chicago or San Francisco.

To that decade, we owe the invention of most of the cocktails that are now known classics such as: Tom Collins, Bloody Mary, Daiquiri, Negroni, Mint Julep, Whisky Sour, White Lady and the Sidecar. In Bonavida we pay tribute to that decade full of contradictions, with a menu based on these classic Prohibition by inviting you to discover these wonders of modern cocktails, prepared by our World Class bartender Simone Guido.

Join us to this particular time machine! Click on play, and begin to travel.

Steak Tartar: a faraway origin

Those who love meat, good meat, know that it tastes its best with a good recipe of “steak tartare”: raw meat full of nuances of flavor, unctuous, juicy and delicious. A delicacy of our cuisine that cannot be easier to prepare.

The steak tartar has two origins: the less glamorous place it in the Tartar warriors in XVII century. They used to spice one side of the meat and placed it under the saddle in order to remove blood from the flesh. Two hours later, they would repeat the operation by cleaning the meat and using salt on the other side. This rudimentary process does not make it particularly appetizing, but history has also speculated that the origin is set in French Polynesia, already in XVII century, where its inhabitants had a deeply rooted custom of eating raw meat and seafood like the tartar.

This tasty food is already one of the traditional dishes of our culture, and curiously, as mentioned in the “Book of Travel” by Marco Polo, poor people in Caragian were eating raw meat snacks, and nobles chopped and seasoned, but still raw.

Undoubtedly the recipe that Jules Verne wrote in his “Miguel Strogonoff” (1875), is the one that has popularized the steak tartar in the West. Its recognition reached the point that the mythical Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, has spent decades keeping this dish in his menu as an standard of its cuisine.

It can’t be easier and more delicious: chopped sirloin (knife cut), pickles, capers, lemon juice, parsley, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and raw egg. If we ask you what to eat in summer, it’s very clear: a succulent steak tartare, and we assure you that we prepare in Bonavida, will leave your carnivorous palate speechless. This star of our menu will eclipse any other you have tasted before…

Connect to BonaVida, enjoy wifi

We know that nowadays, bars with free wifi, it is almost a requirement. The wifi is already a complement to mobile and computer, three inseparable words for us, the ones that work wherever we go.

Surely you won’t be surprised to know that 7.4% of jobs in Spain are based on a system of teleworking, or mobile work. Even those who work in an office, need to be permanently connected to handle calls or answer emails, even if it’s lunch time or coffee break and breakfast. If you take into account this fact, certainly that percentage would be much higher, right?

We need to be connected for work, but also for leisure or personal use. We all receive dozens of wattsapp everyday and get connected constantly to our profiles on social networks sites to see what our friends, family and those people we follow do or pretend to. Whether by gossip, by interest or research, we rarely detach ourselves from our mobile.

It’s precisely this tool, hated and loved in equal measure, that connects you with the world around you. In BonaVida we like unexpected stories, a bar is a place for meeting, come near and stay relaxed tasting a good cocktail and snacking delicious tapas. In either case, we want everything that happens in our bar to stay behind closed doors. Therefore, we are a friendly wifi bar, we have free Wi-Fi so you can communicate with whoever you want, work with your computer/phone or share your experiences in BonaVida  in your networks. Whatever you like.

So if you’re working at home and need to change your views (and enjoy a nice cocktail and some snacks, that we know you deserve), and if you need to take a break or meet with a group of friends BonaVida welcomes you with open hands and connection. We are waiting for you!