5 Instagram bartenders accounts that you should follow

And you know it! The hashtag #drinkporn and #bartender are gaining followers all the time on social networks. For its glamour, its filters and lack of intrusiveness, Instagram is one of the social networks we like to follow and where we find more cocktails activity. So, if you already have Instagram and you like the world of cocktails we present you the top 5 accounts IG that you must follow. Are you in? Let’s mix it up!


Natalie Migliarini has a very special touch to talk about cocktails and her favorite combinations. Her blog, or rather, website, has a thousand ideas of recipes in which she rescues the most appealing and promising pictures to your Instagram account. A bartender with over 22.9k followers and rising. The latest craze in cocktails from Seattle with love!


From Chicago and newly created, so, do not look at the followers, because we assure you that this account will suffer an important BOOOM quickly, here it comes Radsips. Do you want creative cocktails? This is the account to go! Good photos, packaging and 100% American flavor.


Our favorite bartender from Baltimore. Bartender and enthusiastic blogger who creates cocktails with love and good taste. In her Instagram you will see real beauties born to combine with knowledge and care; alcohol, water, sugar and others. Discover the art of cocktail in pictures!


Elana de Stirandstrain has a IG to eat. Her Instagram comes from her blog that has the same name and we totally recommend visiting it as it was nominated for Best Blog in 2014. You will see her creations and also her invented cocktails!


MixologyArt is a creative company that offers a unique experience in the beverage industry. Do you want to know more? With more than 26.2k fans, this young company celebrates the world of cocktails, unveils new bartenders, bars and creations worldwide. An Instagram care and good taste for photos, endorse them.

¿What do you think about it? Yes, we also have Instagram, ¿Do you still don’t follow us? Pay attention to our creations in the social network of the pictures and if you want to touch and try, see BonaVida!

All about Negroni

From Florence of the 20’s we have inherited this classic cocktail which, despite having almost 100 years, is younger and up-to-now than ever. Simple but complex in flavors, is a cocktail that excites whom appreciates, the person who inspired the Negroni knew a lot of audacity: Count Negroni.

Florence, Italy, the 20’s. The focal meeting point of the European aristocracy and the nouveau riche Americans. Where would anyone drop who wanted to be seen? In Café Casoni, with his bartender Fosco Scarselli in the front. Count Negroni was a man of habit: American, Vermouth and Campari equally. However, one day he decided to vary and allowed Scarselli to advice him: so they both really invented Negroni, consisting of American, Dry Gin and Campari, always equally. Its creators, satisfied with the result, agreed to call it Negroni, after one of the most loyal customers at Café Casoni. And from there to eternity.

And how do I serve it? in an Old Fashion glass, low and wide. The importance of the equal parts is so extreme, that if it’s not accurate, can ruin the Negroni: too much gin, and the flavor will be too strong and fortified; too vermouth, and will be too sweet. A slice of lemon will give the final touch. Ready to close my eyes, taste one of the cocktails with more personality, and enjoy.

If you want to try a good Negroni, let the expert hands of our bartender Simone Guido prepare it, his recipe never fails: Dry Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. It is one of their favorites, too. Come for a tapa in BONAVIDA, we’ll advise you what is the perfect one for pairing with Negroni. ¿Sounds like a plan?

The best apps of cocktails

If your friends are becoming chefs and have already reached a level that you won’t get it’s time for you to try another discipline. What if you put the glasses on? Today we offer the best apps of cocktails. Be the bartender at your dinners and why not, stop at BONAVIDA! Ready? The best apps of cocktails are here: let’s mix it up!

Cocktail Flow

This app teaches you how to prepare delicious Daiquiris, Manhattan, Margarita, Old fashioned, Bloody Mary as if you were a professional bartender. From the cover of the application, you’ll find recipes from the kind of distillate or even the color of the cocktail that you want to drink. Each preparation has its own tab, with the necessary ingredients, a photo and instructions, although they are in English, you’ll be guided step by step in its preparation. The app is now available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


This app ensures you infinite inspiration to mix the shaker. This sophisticated application belongs to Absolut brand and is free for iOS. It has a catalog with 500 combined recipes, but that’s not all, in addition, the app remembers your personal tastes and recommends that new cocktails you wanna try to refresh your palate. Drinkspiration’ is the best wine menu and most faithful companion bar, which also forces you to explore new flavors and gives suggestions on just one second.


Knowing good spirits, distillates, processing all, it is an art and is called mixology. Why is not enough to pour liqueurs and fruits in a cup with modern design? The key is to search aromas, scents And that’s why Mixology’ exist, an app that, according to its description in Google Play store, it’s useful as the “definitive recipes guide for drinks and cocktails. ¿Do you want it? It’s already available for Android.

apps de cocktails

Top Martinis

Who wouldn’t want to prepare an amazing Martini? Is a classic of cocktails, a HIT and, ultimately, a drink that likes to 007. A dry martini, shaken, not stirred” demands the British in almost all missions. Bond always asks for this elixir with some variations though, such as the dry lemon peel of Sean Connery, the simple cocktail with vodka of Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig Vesper style. Want to learn how to prepare? Download the app and Android.

Bartender’s Choice

If your relation with cocktails is a long love story, this is your final app. Bartender’s offers a first-class library of cocktail recipes. You can sort the recipes by the type of base liquor, cocktail style or “feeling” you want. The app also also gives you tips on trimming. The application helps you improve your skills and invites you to combine these cocktails with food. Already available for iOS, what are you waiting for?

Whether is a success or you fail this time, you know that our bartender, Simon Guido will surprise you with his creations. Do we have a cocktail?

The best gins for your Gin & Tonic

One of the most widespread cocktail in the world, in bars or at home, is certainly the gin and tonic. The boom that has experienced this combination in the past decade has been steadfast and has resulted in a wider knowledge of the beverages: gin and tonic. A new generation of drinkers is being surrendered to the charms of intense flavor and aroma of the spirit drink.

We already talked about the origin of tonic, this time however, we will review what are the best gins to achieve the perfect and harmonious Gin & Tonic .

The origins of this distilled beverage back us to the Middle Ages in the lowlands of England, where distillates with infused juniper were very popular among the population remedies.
It was at this time that began to take shape the current recipe. Its production process starts with a neutral spirit, which is subsequently exposed for a determined time to juniper berries, the responsible to give the beverage that distinctive and invigorating natureIn a second phase, you incorporate the botanicals” a full range of organic ingredients that are added to each gin to give a profile and flavor. Among the most used are botanical herbs, flowers, fruits, bark or roots.

It is known that are so may flavours, but we’ll name some of the most powerful and reputable brands in the world that we serve every day in Bonavida Bar :

Of French origin, the gin distillery in charge of this position has achieved, in a short time, being at the top lists of this competitive world. Not an easy task and has achieved two versions: G’Vine Nouaison and G’Vine Floraison made from cognac. As the name suggests, the Floraison” offers more floral and botanical aromas, while the Nouaison is designed for more precise noses.

Very balanced in alcohol and botanists, it is a French origin gin made with a recipe recreated from eighteenth century. Stands out for its lightly spicy essence not very usual and awards like London Gin Master 2010 .

Premium English Gin with a base of London Dry that has been placed as one of the best in the market for its perfect premium value. It is remarkable its stylish multi-award winning black bottle design.

It is one of the most consumed globally and is known for his strong personality and unusual scent of berries.

Undoubtedly one of the best known and most highly wherever we go. Its remote origin is in a Scottish distillery in 1886 and the perfect infusion between essences of rose petals and cucumber makes it one of the most prestigious gins in the world.

As you probably want to have a very fresh gin and tonic after discovering these 5 great brands, remember that in Bonavida you can taste these and other premium gins with our bartender Simone Guido.


Prohibition: the era of less alcohol and more creativity

Sometimes the ingenuity and creativity of human beings are superbly exacerbated  in the most complex or adverse moments. Something like that is what happened in the famous alcohol prohibition that lived US  in the early 20’s  known as Prohibition. Bottles and dispensers in bars were empty due to the impossibility of refill bourbon or gin legally.

In 1919 the US government decided to veto the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages as a deterrent to the growing consumption of the time. That legislation, lasted 14 long years (until 1933) and only allowed drinking for therapeutic purposes.

ley seca

Against what authorities wanted, Prohibition encouraged two important facts: the formation of gangs and a massive black market around the sale of alcohol. Despite the ban, it was curiously the decade where more cocktails emerged from creativity, today we call them classics like Negroni, Whisky Sour or Bloody Mary.

In an unprecedented step, Law, which sought to prevent consumption, achieved that in 1925 only in New York were counted between 30,000 and 100,000 hidden bars. Tempting and famous “speakeasies“, hidden locals where alcohol was served defying the authorities and forced the government to create special police patrols to control them.

Another consecuence of the rule that “dried” bars in north america, was a new boom for cocktails. Legend has it that while mixology” was not new, during those 14 years many bartenders were creating new cocktails with natural juices, sugar or soda to mask precisely the forbidden alcohol.

Other versions suggest that the boom actually came to disguise the taste of the poor quality of some alcohols, caused by the great difficulty that distilleries had to make good alcohol not homemade, prepared in secret and without the right measures.

Anyway, the controversial American legislation, was a turning point for the world of mixology. If we analyze the consequences will surely be more positive than negative. Consumption was not avoided and many things were improved: the emergence of new cocktails or the incorporation of live music in locals.

The cocktails of celebrities

Singers, actors, actresses or showmen are natural ambassadors of many brands of liquor and spirits. And inseparably, these brands have entered many houses (and palates that inhabit them) from the hand of celebrities who lend their image to the cause. Let’s check them out!

Dita Von Teese, the undisputed queen of burlesque, doesn’t hesitate to associate their moments of pleasure (and professional) to Cointreau. She is the official brand ambassador since 2008, and this successful relationship has resulted in performances, brand presentations, cocktails and even the design of a very chic bag to go for a drink .

Robin Thicke (or the author of the song almost as famous as “Happy” Blurred Lines”) is clear: no comparable drink to Remy Martin V. The bottles, which he has also designed for the most well-known brand of Fine Champagne cognac, appear in his video hit.

Fans of Mad Men will know that his protagonist Joan Holloway (Cristina Hendricks) has a crush on whiskey, and a scotch in her hand is a regular partner of her appearances. By contract, it is a Johnny Walker.

Joanne Holloway

Relationship between cinema and spirits is apparently succesful! In Hollywood we have several examples, from a super tattooed Kiefer Sutherland who becomes a rogue ambassador for a rogue liquor (Jose Cuervo Tequila), to an elegant Clive Owen preparing himself an epic Three Olives on the rocks , a vodka more English than the bobbies.

We find cases of movie stars who, fascinated by the world of distillery, are released to create their own brand, as in the case with Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters) and Crystal Head vodka. A couple of very famous actors are joining the club: Justin Timberlake, with 901 Silver Tequila, and George Clooney, with Casamigos Tequila.

How wonderful the world of cocktails! Only palate is needed, and it’s time to enjoy a good raw material. Simone Guido, our bartender, is the one. See you at Bonavida to enjoy a great cocktail?

Perfect Dry Martini

If cocktails had the ability to transform into people, Dry Martini undoubtedly would be Bond, James Bond. The classic cocktail that we all relate to this seductive secret agent contains gin instead of vodka, as he ordered. An elegant, exclusive and suitable cocktail only for exquisite connoisseurs. How should I drink it? Of course, shaken, not stirred.

This combination of dry flavors, appeared in the 20s, in the middle of Prohibition. Dry Martini cocktail was consumed as a behind closed doors’ by the difficulty in getting a good gin. Although this drink was very popular among smugglers, quality and results were dismal. So at that time, only rich people could afford to have a Dry Martini. You can find an example in Woody Allen’s movie The Purple Rose of Cairo. In the film, the New York Jet set would drink Dry Martinis in their apartment before heading to the trendy nightclub.

If we go back to James Bond, Dry Martini appears first in 1953 novel Casino Royale but with a different name: Vesper; name of the lead female character in the novel, Vesper Lynd.

Dry Martini James Bond

Dry Martini is a refined traditional drink whose recipe contains 1 part Extra Dry Martini, 1 part gin, one touch of bitter orange 1 lemon twist and 1 green olive. Although in BonaVida we give it our own twist: 9 parts gin, 1 part dry vermouth and a twist of lemon and olive.

Dry Martini is an ideal cocktail for snacks, both at noon and at night, the combination of gin and Martini is soft and with a sweet spot cocktail. The final touch of olive calm our appetite as we sit at the table or wait for the first plates to arrive.

When we drink Dry Martini we feel elegant, classic but with a naughty air (thanks to its origin) that we like very much. If you have not yet dared to try this cocktail or if you’re looking for new experiences that surprise your palate, nothing better than a Dry Martini prepared by our master bartender.

When cocktail met ice cream: icy cocktail

Our wordplay will remind you to the oldieWhen Harry met Sally”, and it is no coincidence. The same climax that seemed to feel Meg Ryan in the film you can experience it with this delight of mixology: Cocktails with ice cream.

Mixing distillates with ice cream  has the great success of providing creaminess, color, taste, texture and freshness to the team. Lemon, chocolate, vanilla or caramel ice cream are the perfect partner in crime for Bailey’s, champagne, rum and cognac, among others.

Trendy? Modern mixology was born thanks to the Prohibition of the 30s in the USA, and the bartenders ingenuity of the time in speakeasies, creating cocktails to hide the poor quality of clandestine distillates. The same goes for cocktails with ice cream: Jerome Adams, a young bartender from Bayview Yacht Club, in 1968 mixed rum, Kalhúa and vanilla ice cream in an attempt to get noticed and value for customers who had inherited from his predecessor (Curtis Hicks ). Hummer was born, and in a few years, bartenders from all over the states and later internationally, called him to ask for the recipe. This cocktail will soon have 50 years of history, Adams says it was the ideologist of the first cocktail with ice cream.

In any case, although the first icecream maker was invented in the United States (1846, Nancy Johnson), it was not until the 50s that the incipient ice cream industry revolutionized manufacturing processes to keep increasing demand. Thanks to this industrial development, our friend Adams had the brilliant idea of replacing frappes or sorbets (which were used in the cocktail from the 20s), for ice cream. Bang!

Hummer, Grasshopper, Peppermint or Banana Rum, among others, are inheritors of that first step. Simone Guido, our bartender, is preparing the new cocktail and a creamy confection may appear. Meanwhile, Come to BonaVida and discover these classic cocktails with ice cream, accompanied by our desserts. Do you dare to cross to sweet side of life?

Mocktails: the alcohol free cocktails

Low­-alcohol or non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as being trend, are a tasty option for those who cannot tolerate or do not like liquor and spirits: discover why the “mocktails” are having more fans every day amongst the good mixology lovers.

Mocktail is the fusion of two English words, “mock” and “cocktail” and although there is no correlation to this term in our dictionary, could be translated as “simulation cocktail”. In other words, it is a non-alcoholic cocktail that does not resign the stunning presentation of his alcoholic relatives, nor its taste.

This trend started strong in 2014 and is still widely accepted because the cocktails without alcohol are the perfect alternative for those who do not want to consume alcoholic beverages, just because they must drive, due to pregnancy or breast feeding, or because they are abstinent for religious reasons, for medical or athletic performance, etc.


The main protagonists of these original non-alcoholic cocktails are fruit juices, tonic, cokes and refreshments. You can also find fresh fruit and other dairy ingredients merging well in texture, flavor and color in its composition. We can find from original creations, born to be a mocktail, to versions without alcohol of classic cocktails, in which alcohol is replaced by lemonade, soda, tonic or any drink that suits the combined spirit flavor.

Our bartender, Simone Guido has created for our delicious menu four amazing mocktails to surprise the most demanding palates. Is your body craving the always tasty mojito? No problem, Simone prepares the best one with ginger ale, mint, lime and sugar.
Fan of Summer Dream but not vodka? You will be amazed by his non-alcoholic version with fresh basil, raspberry, lemon juice, pineapple and ginger. If rum is not your thing, but you love Bananarama, you have to try this delicious mocktail with pineapple juice, strawberry pulp, coconut and banana. And finally, a delicious up to the well­-known San Francisco, the Lady Sour, a delicacy pineapple juice, mint, lime and ginger ale classic.

If you accompany these delicacies with good tapas and good company… the plan is unbeatable, isn’t it? Live it in BONAVIDA and indulge yourself!

Bartending schools: training future bartenders

Bartending is a passion that makes us wanting to know and experience more and more: learning how to be a good bartender, learning to make supreme cocktails (and then experiment and create your own), understanding how cocktails complement and enhance the flavors of food …

We define cocktail mixing as the study of the relationship between drinks, fruits, flowers, herbs and generally any food ingredient that can be transformed into liquid. Such mixtures are made with different methods of preparation.

If you have a curious personality then you’ll be captivated by the cocktail: flavors, colors, smells, textures and infinite combinations ahead. A bartender can resemble an alchemist, who mixes and tests as many times as necessary to pour into the glass the imagined combined. Perfect in every sense, accurate and delicious. Not surprisingly the Benedictine liqueur was invented in the sixteenth century by Benedictine monks to calm the excesses of a meal, a liquor that is still distributed under secret recipe, and which incorporates 27 plants and species . Pure alchemy!

There are numerous Cocktail workshops in Barcelona available in various bartending schools, from those who introduce you to the art of preparing combined for personal enjoyment, to those that turn your passion into a profession: the current trend is becoming a bartender. We suggest three schools to grow your enthusiasm for this centennial discipline: two in Barcelona, Radical Bartending School (close to BonaVida) and Drinksmotion, and international School Diageo Bar Academy. In them you will find all kinds of courses: basic, refresher, intense Be creative and dive into the amazing world of cocktails.

In any case, if you are an amateur or a professional bartender we wait for you in BonaVida to share this love for the combined drinks and cocktails: After having nice tapas we’ll make a toast with our World Class bartender Simone Guido, another lover of his profession that doesn’t understand life without cocktails.