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When cocktail met ice cream: icy cocktail

Our wordplay will remind you to the oldieWhen Harry met Sally”, and it is no coincidence. The same climax that seemed to feel Meg Ryan in the film you can experience it with this delight of mixology: Cocktails with ice cream.

Mixing distillates with ice cream  has the great success of providing creaminess, color, taste, texture and freshness to the team. Lemon, chocolate, vanilla or caramel ice cream are the perfect partner in crime for Bailey’s, champagne, rum and cognac, among others.

Trendy? Modern mixology was born thanks to the Prohibition of the 30s in the USA, and the bartenders ingenuity of the time in speakeasies, creating cocktails to hide the poor quality of clandestine distillates. The same goes for cocktails with ice cream: Jerome Adams, a young bartender from Bayview Yacht Club, in 1968 mixed rum, Kalhúa and vanilla ice cream in an attempt to get noticed and value for customers who had inherited from his predecessor (Curtis Hicks ). Hummer was born, and in a few years, bartenders from all over the states and later internationally, called him to ask for the recipe. This cocktail will soon have 50 years of history, Adams says it was the ideologist of the first cocktail with ice cream.

In any case, although the first icecream maker was invented in the United States (1846, Nancy Johnson), it was not until the 50s that the incipient ice cream industry revolutionized manufacturing processes to keep increasing demand. Thanks to this industrial development, our friend Adams had the brilliant idea of replacing frappes or sorbets (which were used in the cocktail from the 20s), for ice cream. Bang!

Hummer, Grasshopper, Peppermint or Banana Rum, among others, are inheritors of that first step. Simone Guido, our bartender, is preparing the new cocktail and a creamy confection may appear. Meanwhile, Come to BonaVida and discover these classic cocktails with ice cream, accompanied by our desserts. Do you dare to cross to sweet side of life?

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