Coctelería molecular

Molecular Mixology

It is well known the amazing molecular gastronomy of Ferran Adrià and his innovative elBulli, where spanish omelette decomposed masterfully with new formulas and chemicalsThis trend has now reached some cocktail bars where bartenders have begun a bold renewal of classic cocktails with amazing new recipes. It is the molecular cocktails, the new trend for lovers of combined drinks, that has arrived to stay.

There are many techniques, simpler or more complex, but certainly the liquid nitrogen and other mechanisms (so far only used for other culinary purposes) are now used in many recipes of cocktails, seeking the purpose of new experiences and textures involving all five senses.

It’s common to find cocktail bars using devices such as syringes, siphons, bottles or Rotaval (a kind of steam distiller) to create cocktails with new forms and structures (nitromojito, for example). It is also common as the use of ingredients such as alginates, xanthan” gum or lecithin for the creation of unique drinks.

Creativity that offers the use of these new techniques is amazing: with liquid nitrogen for example, due to its low temperature (-196 ° C) and freezing power we get more silky textures, cooler temperatures, unusual shapes (spherifications) or dazzling colors . Certainly endless options that will blow you away.

Another innovation of the molecular cocktail is the ease to change the structure of the molecules of the components. Nitrogen is used for “frozen cocktails”, there are other products that transform liquid into gel, emulsions, solids or smoke. This allows for example to insert combined drinks in small test tubes and display cocktails in containers, shaping them with customized colors, something unusual till the date and that certainly opens the door to imagination and the discovery of new sensory experiences.

Definitely creative mixology is booming and more bartenders will turn your bar in a real laboratory to delight everyone with their new creations worthy of the best alchemist. We’ll pay attention to the news and in the meantime we’ll keep delighting us every day with the best classics offered by our best barman in Bonavida Bar. ¡We look forward to see you!

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