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Bartending schools: training future bartenders

Bartending is a passion that makes us wanting to know and experience more and more: learning how to be a good bartender, learning to make supreme cocktails (and then experiment and create your own), understanding how cocktails complement and enhance the flavors of food …

We define cocktail mixing as the study of the relationship between drinks, fruits, flowers, herbs and generally any food ingredient that can be transformed into liquid. Such mixtures are made with different methods of preparation.

If you have a curious personality then you’ll be captivated by the cocktail: flavors, colors, smells, textures and infinite combinations ahead. A bartender can resemble an alchemist, who mixes and tests as many times as necessary to pour into the glass the imagined combined. Perfect in every sense, accurate and delicious. Not surprisingly the Benedictine liqueur was invented in the sixteenth century by Benedictine monks to calm the excesses of a meal, a liquor that is still distributed under secret recipe, and which incorporates 27 plants and species . Pure alchemy!

There are numerous Cocktail workshops in Barcelona available in various bartending schools, from those who introduce you to the art of preparing combined for personal enjoyment, to those that turn your passion into a profession: the current trend is becoming a bartender. We suggest three schools to grow your enthusiasm for this centennial discipline: two in Barcelona, Radical Bartending School (close to BonaVida) and Drinksmotion, and international School Diageo Bar Academy. In them you will find all kinds of courses: basic, refresher, intense Be creative and dive into the amazing world of cocktails.

In any case, if you are an amateur or a professional bartender we wait for you in BonaVida to share this love for the combined drinks and cocktails: After having nice tapas we’ll make a toast with our World Class bartender Simone Guido, another lover of his profession that doesn’t understand life without cocktails.

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