Mocktails: the alcohol free cocktails

Low­-alcohol or non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as being trend, are a tasty option for those who cannot tolerate or do not like liquor and spirits: discover why the “mocktails” are having more fans every day amongst the good mixology lovers.

Mocktail is the fusion of two English words, “mock” and “cocktail” and although there is no correlation to this term in our dictionary, could be translated as “simulation cocktail”. In other words, it is a non-alcoholic cocktail that does not resign the stunning presentation of his alcoholic relatives, nor its taste.

This trend started strong in 2014 and is still widely accepted because the cocktails without alcohol are the perfect alternative for those who do not want to consume alcoholic beverages, just because they must drive, due to pregnancy or breast feeding, or because they are abstinent for religious reasons, for medical or athletic performance, etc.


The main protagonists of these original non-alcoholic cocktails are fruit juices, tonic, cokes and refreshments. You can also find fresh fruit and other dairy ingredients merging well in texture, flavor and color in its composition. We can find from original creations, born to be a mocktail, to versions without alcohol of classic cocktails, in which alcohol is replaced by lemonade, soda, tonic or any drink that suits the combined spirit flavor.

Our bartender, Simone Guido has created for our delicious menu four amazing mocktails to surprise the most demanding palates. Is your body craving the always tasty mojito? No problem, Simone prepares the best one with ginger ale, mint, lime and sugar.
Fan of Summer Dream but not vodka? You will be amazed by his non-alcoholic version with fresh basil, raspberry, lemon juice, pineapple and ginger. If rum is not your thing, but you love Bananarama, you have to try this delicious mocktail with pineapple juice, strawberry pulp, coconut and banana. And finally, a delicious up to the well­-known San Francisco, the Lady Sour, a delicacy pineapple juice, mint, lime and ginger ale classic.

If you accompany these delicacies with good tapas and good company… the plan is unbeatable, isn’t it? Live it in BONAVIDA and indulge yourself!

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