Armani Passeig de Gracia

Our favorites in Passeig de Gràcia: Armani

Passeig de Gràcia was already in its beginnings as walk, in 1821, a place to walk and relax, a city lung for the leisure of citizens. With the construction of the promenade, within the project of the Eixample Cerdà, Barcelona‘s beautiful people occupied that space, filling it with glamour, carriages, parisians dresses to see and be seen.

That unique spirit survives after more than a hundred years. Some architectural and urban elements are still breathing, and attracting thousands of tourists. But the heart of this walk also beats thanks to the brand shops that landed to be a mandatory stop for locals and tourists who appreciate luxury and quality.

Among them, one of our favorite companies is Armani. In 1975, with the help of Giorgio Armani and his friend and business partner Sergio Galeotti was born Giorgio Armani, the emergence of 25 years of experience in the world of Armani fashion. Some might not know Giorgio attended three years of Medicine, until he discovered that his fascination with the human body was satisfied wearing and extolling its forms. He became photography assistant of the legendary “Il Rinascente“, the famous clothes and accessories store in Milan. Nino Cerruti noticed him in 1964 and signed him: there, Armani learned everything he should know about the choice of fabrics, cutting, making and marketing. His vibrant personality soon made him stand out as an original creator. In 1975, the legend of Armani started walking and today is still alive in his brand.

Passeig de Gràcia store is one of the approximately 300 stores that the brand has in 36 countries. The universe of Giorgio can be admired in number 6 collection, a complete collection for men and women of Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans, the brand of sportswear and a corner of EA7 Armani / Dolci, a delicatessen product range of chocolates, preserves and teas.

A visit to this store is a trip to good taste, elegance, the simplicity, the sexy chic and expertise of a brand that with every release, conquest the world.

If you need to rest from all this sensations, there’s nothing like a Cosmopolitan in BonaVida, where beautiful people want to be.

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