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Perfect Dry Martini

If cocktails had the ability to transform into people, Dry Martini undoubtedly would be Bond, James Bond. The classic cocktail that we all relate to this seductive secret agent contains gin instead of vodka, as he ordered. An elegant, exclusive and suitable cocktail only for exquisite connoisseurs. How should I drink it? Of course, shaken, not stirred.

This combination of dry flavors, appeared in the 20s, in the middle of Prohibition. Dry Martini cocktail was consumed as a behind closed doors’ by the difficulty in getting a good gin. Although this drink was very popular among smugglers, quality and results were dismal. So at that time, only rich people could afford to have a Dry Martini. You can find an example in Woody Allen’s movie The Purple Rose of Cairo. In the film, the New York Jet set would drink Dry Martinis in their apartment before heading to the trendy nightclub.

If we go back to James Bond, Dry Martini appears first in 1953 novel Casino Royale but with a different name: Vesper; name of the lead female character in the novel, Vesper Lynd.

Dry Martini James Bond

Dry Martini is a refined traditional drink whose recipe contains 1 part Extra Dry Martini, 1 part gin, one touch of bitter orange 1 lemon twist and 1 green olive. Although in BonaVida we give it our own twist: 9 parts gin, 1 part dry vermouth and a twist of lemon and olive.

Dry Martini is an ideal cocktail for snacks, both at noon and at night, the combination of gin and Martini is soft and with a sweet spot cocktail. The final touch of olive calm our appetite as we sit at the table or wait for the first plates to arrive.

When we drink Dry Martini we feel elegant, classic but with a naughty air (thanks to its origin) that we like very much. If you have not yet dared to try this cocktail or if you’re looking for new experiences that surprise your palate, nothing better than a Dry Martini prepared by our master bartender.

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