The best apps of cocktails

If your friends are becoming chefs and have already reached a level that you won’t get it’s time for you to try another discipline. What if you put the glasses on? Today we offer the best apps of cocktails. Be the bartender at your dinners and why not, stop at BONAVIDA! Ready? The best apps of cocktails are here: let’s mix it up!

Cocktail Flow

This app teaches you how to prepare delicious Daiquiris, Manhattan, Margarita, Old fashioned, Bloody Mary as if you were a professional bartender. From the cover of the application, you’ll find recipes from the kind of distillate or even the color of the cocktail that you want to drink. Each preparation has its own tab, with the necessary ingredients, a photo and instructions, although they are in English, you’ll be guided step by step in its preparation. The app is now available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


This app ensures you infinite inspiration to mix the shaker. This sophisticated application belongs to Absolut brand and is free for iOS. It has a catalog with 500 combined recipes, but that’s not all, in addition, the app remembers your personal tastes and recommends that new cocktails you wanna try to refresh your palate. Drinkspiration’ is the best wine menu and most faithful companion bar, which also forces you to explore new flavors and gives suggestions on just one second.


Knowing good spirits, distillates, processing all, it is an art and is called mixology. Why is not enough to pour liqueurs and fruits in a cup with modern design? The key is to search aromas, scents And that’s why Mixology’ exist, an app that, according to its description in Google Play store, it’s useful as the “definitive recipes guide for drinks and cocktails. ¿Do you want it? It’s already available for Android.

apps de cocktails

Top Martinis

Who wouldn’t want to prepare an amazing Martini? Is a classic of cocktails, a HIT and, ultimately, a drink that likes to 007. A dry martini, shaken, not stirred” demands the British in almost all missions. Bond always asks for this elixir with some variations though, such as the dry lemon peel of Sean Connery, the simple cocktail with vodka of Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig Vesper style. Want to learn how to prepare? Download the app and Android.

Bartender’s Choice

If your relation with cocktails is a long love story, this is your final app. Bartender’s offers a first-class library of cocktail recipes. You can sort the recipes by the type of base liquor, cocktail style or “feeling” you want. The app also also gives you tips on trimming. The application helps you improve your skills and invites you to combine these cocktails with food. Already available for iOS, what are you waiting for?

Whether is a success or you fail this time, you know that our bartender, Simon Guido will surprise you with his creations. Do we have a cocktail?

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