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The best gins for your Gin & Tonic

One of the most widespread cocktail in the world, in bars or at home, is certainly the gin and tonic. The boom that has experienced this combination in the past decade has been steadfast and has resulted in a wider knowledge of the beverages: gin and tonic. A new generation of drinkers is being surrendered to the charms of intense flavor and aroma of the spirit drink.

We already talked about the origin of tonic, this time however, we will review what are the best gins to achieve the perfect and harmonious Gin & Tonic .

The origins of this distilled beverage back us to the Middle Ages in the lowlands of England, where distillates with infused juniper were very popular among the population remedies.
It was at this time that began to take shape the current recipe. Its production process starts with a neutral spirit, which is subsequently exposed for a determined time to juniper berries, the responsible to give the beverage that distinctive and invigorating natureIn a second phase, you incorporate the botanicals” a full range of organic ingredients that are added to each gin to give a profile and flavor. Among the most used are botanical herbs, flowers, fruits, bark or roots.

It is known that are so may flavours, but we’ll name some of the most powerful and reputable brands in the world that we serve every day in Bonavida Bar :

Of French origin, the gin distillery in charge of this position has achieved, in a short time, being at the top lists of this competitive world. Not an easy task and has achieved two versions: G’Vine Nouaison and G’Vine Floraison made from cognac. As the name suggests, the Floraison” offers more floral and botanical aromas, while the Nouaison is designed for more precise noses.

Very balanced in alcohol and botanists, it is a French origin gin made with a recipe recreated from eighteenth century. Stands out for its lightly spicy essence not very usual and awards like London Gin Master 2010 .

Premium English Gin with a base of London Dry that has been placed as one of the best in the market for its perfect premium value. It is remarkable its stylish multi-award winning black bottle design.

It is one of the most consumed globally and is known for his strong personality and unusual scent of berries.

Undoubtedly one of the best known and most highly wherever we go. Its remote origin is in a Scottish distillery in 1886 and the perfect infusion between essences of rose petals and cucumber makes it one of the most prestigious gins in the world.

As you probably want to have a very fresh gin and tonic after discovering these 5 great brands, remember that in Bonavida you can taste these and other premium gins with our bartender Simone Guido.


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