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The most beautiful Barcelona

In our blog we always seek the best spots in town. Today we propose some of the most beautiful places in Barcelona. Hidden corners, patios, terraces, streets, facades and more. Can you come ride with us? Discover the most beautiful Barcelona.

1. Aiguafreda Street:

Get lost in Horta and more specifically in Aiguafreda Street, near Llobregós Street. This is one of the village streets that are still preserved in the city of Barcelona, making you feel you’re not in the city. In Horta existed the Industry of washing clothes for people who could afford to pay for this service and ​​could not do it at home for lack of space and water. It is documented that from the early seventeenth to the twentieth century much of the gentry clothes were washed in Horta. They collected laundry on Mondays and returned it clean on Saturdays. Horta road in Barcelona was the journey that made washerwomen to Barcelona entering through Portal Nou. There is still a way below the gardens of the houses on the street of Aiguafreda that they called the path of Barcelona and was where people and carriages entered to the city. Below that it also passed the “torrent of Carabassa”. Did you know? Thanks to the conservation in Barcelona we still have these beautiful places.

Calle aiguafreda

2. Tamarita Park:

From Horta to Sant Gervasi, we get into Tamarita gardens, and although it is a park, we can call them gardens because of its lush vegetation. The park is located in the headquarters of the Blanquerna Foundation. The grounds have two completely different areas, all surrounded by lush vegetation that makes you forget you are in a city. An ideal space to go with kids, there are children’s swings and cycling routes. An ideal place to relax and take a break on the road instead. Here are some pictures of Tamarita Park!

3. Bernardí Mercader Passage:

Do you want to know what is hidden behind that forged door down Hospital Street? The entrance is narrow and dark, but don’t be fool. The gentlemen sitting in front of the fourth door, formica chairs and a transistor, the poster of Gujar Gondal & Brothers Bakery, which seems out of Atlanta 1867, and the sailor restaurant menu that The Cafetí have hung under the arch Sant Rafael output, octopus decorated with chalk and a crab with measles. A worthy place to be discovered walking around Barcelona.

4. Sant Gaietà Square:

One of the secrets of Sarria is this Andalusian patio of white walls and geraniums that if you have not yet discovered, you should go today. Just behind the market at the end of an alley that does not seem to lead anywhere, you will find this small square, a sort of Lorca patio with potted geraniums and honeysuckle. Like you’re in Andalusia. It is the cover photo of this article, here you have more pictures.

5. Sant Pau del Camp:

A Romanesque building behind the gym of Can Ricart, did you know?

They say the son of Guifré el Pilós built it at the beginning of the tenth century, outside the walls, in the countryside. It’s almost a miracle that he survived the progressive expansion of the city. Despite being suffocated by the density population of Chinatown and transformations of recent years they have become an embedded watchtower between the Avinguda Paral·lel and south of Raval ¿Do you know which building is?

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