The secrets of a bartender

A bartender or barman is an artist in the preparation of drinks and cocktails, a specialist who knows perfectly his work tools: alcohols, carbonated drinks and juices. Definitely that’s the person you need to trust when you want to try a new cocktail.

“Bartender” comes from the English word, and means “who dispatches behind a bar,” and contrary to a waiter, does not serve tables. A bartender exercises his reign behind a bar, surrounded by his weapons of pleasure, multiple liquors of different graduation, origins and flavors, along with syrups, juices and carbonated drinks. The original meaning has been derived today to a highly qualified professional profile. So now, bartending has become a profession by choice rather than necessity. A bartender has a creative character because it can create and recreate cocktails in an agile and fast way, but is also someone who likes to be in touch with people. Someone polite and refined.

In their mind they have stored dozens of cocktail recipes, from classic (mojito, cosmopolitan, daikiri, piña colada, gin tonic, bloody mary) to those who have established in response to trends and their own creative research, like the case of hot cocktails. And to execute them quickly and accurately, they have their own tools as meters, mixers, sticks to remove (unmixed) and others that make the art of making cocktails a precise science.

A bartender is a show on its own, when preparing and mixing. Not necessarily as Tom Cruise in the film Cocktail (1988), because that kind of acrobatics with bottles have names: Flair Bartending. So watching them working is itself part of the experience. They run recipes in seconds, they personalize and decorate your glass almost like a dance a delicious dance.

In BonaVida we have one of the best bartenders in barcelona, Simone Guido. After studying a Master in International Cocktailing, he managed to rise in 2009 with the title of Champion of Spain by Heering Accessorize (reaching the final of Singapore), and in 2012, with the World Class in Spain.

Do you want to see our team of bartenders, led by Simone in action? Come to BonaVida and test their talent helping them discover what cocktail will soon become your favorite. Always with a smile, of course.

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