Dress for cocktail

Creative cocktail is a huge universe that not only includes the drink itself, but also the “ritual” of having a cocktail. Like anywhere else, the outfit you choose to enjoy this moment is essential. We want you to get inspired and choose the right look, we have selected some basic garments and accessories that will make you dazzle. And no matter if you prefer mocktails, the 5 outfits that you’ll find here are also a great combination of the soft option.

  1. Dress
    This option is always a hit. You can opt for a more sophisticated evening dress or a daytime look by adding a special accessorise, and we leave it to your choice.
  2. Clutch
    Here, we opted for the versatile clutch without hesitation. You’ll find a multitude of styles: with stones, smooth, silk, with accessories like feathers or tassels, classic closing, baguette style (Shibuya), metallized, with daring prints, silver or gold leather Just choose the one that matches your outfit!
  3. Shoes
    To combine a look, we prefer medium heel shoes rather than high heel or flat ones. Choose comfortable footwear, which stylize your figure and get enhance the rest of the set. A discreet shoe always grant more attention to dress so if this is your goal, go for dark and smooth tones.
  4. Jewelry
    Less is more. Although oversize accessories are trendy today, we believe that when having a cocktail, the jewels should be discreet but at the same time special. Go for delicate earrings or a jewel necklace to complete the outfit. If you go for a more baroque necklace, earrings should be a simple add.
  5. Make up
    At night we can afford occasional license regarding the makeup. Dare with an eye shadow darker than you usually wear. The smokey eyes are a good option if your eyes doesn’t look smaller and if properly blurred. You can also upload a couple of shades the color of your lips. Red and garnet are always a hit. Avoid combining very marked eyes with striking tone lips. Again, in makeup, just as in jewelry, less is more.

After this fashion selection perhaps you are thinking in the perfect plan for weekend. We invite you to pair our cocktails with some tapas. The result will be unforgettable.

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